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The Assault On Liberty: What Went Wrong with Rights

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Polemic on the state of civil liberties and human rights in Britain today from 42 day detention to ASBOs. Since 1997 the government has launched an unprecedented assault on our most basic rights.Liberty protected?Under the false pretext of protecting the public, New Labour has pawned off our fundamental freedoms, turning Britain into a surveillance state which now boasts the largest number of CCTV cameras in the world. Extensions to pre-charge detention mean that suspects can be locked up for longer in Britain than Zimbabwe.In the name of security?Yet in the past eleven years, the terrorist threat has risen, police-recorded violent crime has increased by 80 per cent and Britain today has the worst anti-social behaviour record in Europe. This is now a country set for the largest and most expensive ID database in the world looked after by people incapable of keeping records safe.Democracy defended?At the same time, a myriad of novel human rights have been conjured up in court rooms, far from the control of elected law-makers, fuelling a growing compensation culture and undermining social responsibility. The state now persecutes shop keepers who sell in pounds and ounces, but the Human Rights Act lets dangerous criminals negotiate their release from prison to go on to kill.In a country where common sense has been turned on its head, The Assault on Liberty is an exceptional and necessary polemic that asks one of the most urgent questions of our time:What Went Wrong With Rights?

Product Details

  • ISBN: 9780007293391
  • ISBN 10: 0007293399
  • Imprint: 4th Estate - GB
  • On Sale: 04/03/2009
  • List Price: 24.99 AUD
  • BISAC1: Law / Human rights & civil liberties law

The Assault On Liberty: What Went Wrong with Rights by Dominic Raab

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