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Leslie Carroll

Native New Yorker Leslie Carroll is also a professional actress, dramatist, and journalist. Her first two books, contemporary romantic comedies set in her hometown, won a series of rave reviews. She also writes historical and New York "tart noir" detective fiction. Leslie has worked more temp jobs than she cares to remember in the fields of politics, advertising, public relations, and -- far too frequently -- law. But it's all ripe for social satire and fodder for fiction!

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Play Dates Play Dates
With her sharp wit and riveting style, Leslie Carroll plunges us deep...
Spin Doctor Spin Doctor
Question: What do Amy, the new mom; Meriel, the West-Indian housekeeper;...
Temporary Insanity Temporary Insanity
A touching and hopeful look at the underworld of the office temp from...

Monday, January 09, 2012
Where Did 2011 Go?
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