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Photo by Debra McClinton

Vincent Louis Carrella

Vincent Louis Carrella is a writer and designer of interactive digital media who has created original adventure games (most notably Bad Mojo) and animated web serials and characters for DreamWorks, Warner Bros., SaturdayNightLive.com, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Pulse Entertainment, and Darkhorse Comics. He is cofounder of Drew Pictures and founder of Jinx Digital Studios, and he lives with his wife and daughters in northern California.

Author Extras
Serpent Box Serpent Box
In the deep mountains of Appalachia, the Flints of Leatherwood, Tennessee...

Tuesday, November 06, 2012
10 Questions for the Next Big Thing - What's next after Serpent Box?
Recently I was asked by a friend, fellow writer Clark Knowles to participate in an interview excercise. He would send me 10 questions about my next book if I'd post the answers to my blog, then pass the questions on to another writer. The questions and my answers are below. This is the first...