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Photo by Joel Freeman

Leslie Ann Clark

Leslie Ann Clark is the author of Peepsqueak! and an artist and designer who has worked on books, magazines, greeting cards, puzzles, fabric designs, and more. She lives in Colorado with her husband and her cartoon creations, who come alive in her studio and make her feel very protective and motherly.

Author Extras
Peepsqueak Wants a Friend! Peepsqueak Wants a Friend!
The farm animals wake up and come running out to play . . . 2 by 2!...
Peepsqueak! Peepsqueak!
As soon as little Peepsqueak bursts out of his shell, he is on the move!...

Monday, September 16, 2013
A Good Day of Drawing
It was a great day in the studio.   My characters for my story are growing.  Can you see how they almost tell their own story?  Look at this little pigs face. Does he like cooking?  What is he making? What is he thinking? Writers develop their characters with pen in hand. I also have …