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Sara Douglass

Sara Douglass was born in Penola, South Australia, and moved to Adelaide when she was seven. She spent her early working lifeas a nurse before completing three degrees at the University of Adelaide. After receiving a PhD in early modern English history,Sara worked as a Senior Lecturer in Medieval History at La Trobe University, Bendigo, until 2000. Sara's first novel, BattleAxe, was published in 1995 and she wrote a further 19 books of epic and historical fantasy fiction, a collectionof short stories, and two books of non-fiction. Three of her novels won the Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy and many were shortlisted. Sara shifted to Hobart, Tasmania, in 2005 and lived there writing...

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The following is an edited version of an online chat with Sara Douglass chats on community.news.com.au Monday, 29th November 1999 8pm AEDT. For a full transcript visit the community.news.com.au website - and watch out for when your favourite author will be chatting! Host Mark The last time we chatted was when the World Science Fiction Fair was on...what have you been up to since then? Sara Douglass Working! Building my new web site ...And also planning out my next novel. Jason from Sydney asks...Are you writing a new book? Sara...

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