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Rory Barnes

I am the author, or co-author, of various novels for both adults and teenagers: Valencies (written with Damien Broderick), UQP 1983; The Bomb-monger's Daughter, Rigby 1984; Water From The Moon (written with James Birrell), Penguin 1989; Zones (written with Damien Broderick) HarperCollins 1997; Horsehead Boy, HarperCollins 1998; Horsehead Man, HarperCollins 1999; Stuck in Fast Forward (written with Damien Broderick), HarperCollins 1999; The Book of Revelation (written with Damien Broderick) HarperCollins 1999. Horsehead Soup, HarperCollins, 2000. I was born in London in 1946 and was immediately shipped out to Northern Rhodesia where I learnt to walk...

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Author Extras
Horsehead Man Horsehead Man
Human brain - horse's body. When a bunch of crims meet on the cutting...
Horsehead Soup Horsehead Soup
In Horsehead Boy Spud was a brain in a vat, until he stole someone else's...
Horsehead Boy Horsehead Boy
Spud Wilson is the terror of the track. But he stacks his BMX and dies....