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Cathy Kelly

Cathy Kelly is the author of nine other novels, all of which were number 1 bestsellers. In 2005 Cathy became an Ambassador for UNICEF in Ireland, helping to raise awareness of the plight of 12 million children orphaned across Africa through AIDS. Cathy Kelly now lives in Wicklow with her partner and young sons.

Author Extras
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The Honey Queen The Honey Queen
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Cathy Kelly 3-book Bundle Cathy Kelly 3-book Bundle
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You started your writing career in newspaper journalism and worked in that field for many years before writing your first novel in 1997. What prompted that move into fiction?

It sounds like such a cliché to say I always wanted to write, but it’s true. Looking back now, I think I was a writer who became a journalist and I used to think I was a hopeless journalist because I couldn’t bear to ask anyone any hard questions. If someone was suffering, I would feel physically sick at having to ask them a tough question about what was...

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