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Cindy Pan

I grew up in Badgery's Creek on a CSIRO field station. I was the subject of numerous experiments. Mine was a life devoted to science. My brother wanted to test the hypothesis that rotund, never-shorn lambs were a viable mode of transport for three-year-old female humans. They were not. My father wanted to see whether the wild Chinese cabbage he had 'cultivated' was indeed digestible by humans. It was not. My mother specialised in cultivating hair-and-dust balls that blew along the lino like the tumbleweeds of the wild, wild west. Fortunately these were eminently digestible...so my brother proved. Yes, I was the only normal one. And so today. I live with an eleven-week-old kitten...

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Cindy Pan is a brow-beaten general practitioner in Sydney who is frequently asked to speak about sexuality and sexual health. Her media outings include The Panel, Sex/Life and The Super Debates. We caught up with Cindy to discuss her new book Pandora's Box You grew up on a CSIRO field station - would you characterise yourself as having had more freedom than a child from suburbia? In one way we had more freedom, in the sense that we could roam far and wide across paddocks, fish in dams and water-troughs and pick dandelions all the...

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