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The Sisterhood of Reading came about when some of us at HarperCollins were bursting to talk to people about the brilliant authors we will be publishing over Christmas and into the new year. These are writers who have swept us away with their stories and characters, who have teleported us seamlessly to another place and time, somewhere that we can give ourselves over to a new set of friends, another way of doing things, another way of being.

Back in our real world, we thought of our sisters, muddling through Christmas and New Year, battening down for Back to School and Back to Work and Back to Terrible Traffic, who would much rather be keeping company – like us – with some delightful (and undemanding) friends in the world of the imagination. Perhaps we could connect?

The idea of the Sisterhood is to bring together fellow travellers – fellow appreciators of a brilliantly spun realm of possibilities – and some magical creators of that space – six authors who have crafted the most wonderful places to be – if you like feisty women leads, droll supporting characters, sparkling dialogue, a bit of romance, a serving of wit, wry observations and compelling storylines. We’d love you to try them out … Go on, prove us wrong!


Cecelia Ahern has been reaching readers across the globe since 2004. Like all good Irish storytellers, she has captivated her readers with stories of substance, touching on important themes such as relationships, secrets and fulfilment that speak to modern women worldwide. Cecelia’s new novel, Lyrebird, will be out in late November.


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pretty-delicious-cafeDanielle Hawkins is a fabulous New Zealand writer who is also a vet, a farmer, a mother and a spell-caster, mesmerising her readers on the first page with her gorgeous, warm coastal community and keeping them captive for the next 300 or so. Danielle has written three books, and we absolutely love The Pretty Delicious Café, which is publishing in late November.








dangers-of-truffle-huntingSunni Overend is all class and style and hipness. She is a Melbourne writer who has crafted a Romeo and Juliet-cum-classic misplaced-affection romance for the modern day. It’s set in the Yarra Valley, inner Melbourne, France and Italy, and is delicious. And funny. It’s called The Dangers of Truffle Hunting and will be available from late December 2016.


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the-golden-childWendy James is pure writer. Many readers would already know her from her previous six books, which draw on subtle – and not so subtle – domestic fracas. She weaves a plot and adds a twist and uses some sort of literary alchemy to compel you to keep turning the page. You can see all this in The Golden Child, out in late January.


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the-fifth-letterNicola Moriarty is writing for those longing for something that’s endangered when you grow up: old friendships. We all need friends, but what happens when you outgrow those relationships? Do you have to go through the pain of a breakup? The Fifth Letter, publishing in late February, delves into these questions with a compelling group who must face the inevitable crisis.


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the-scent-of-youMaggie Alderson has to be one of Australia’s fiction and style icons. Jam-packed with warmth and wit and infused with the glamour of the perfume world, her new book explores so many aspects of modern life: identity, friendship, romance, marriage and motherhood. The Scent of You, will be tantalising readers in late March.


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The Publishers: Anna Valdinger, Rochelle Fernandez & Mary Rennie


P.s. You can read a sample from all of these incredible titles in once place:






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"Welcome to the Sisterhood of Reading!"3 thoughts on
  • What a great idea, I love it! Can’t wait for the new Maggie Alderson and The Fifth Letter sounds great. Look forward to them and many more recs.

    • Anna Valdinger says:

      Thanks Sam! We’re so excited about all these books – and while you wait for The Fifth Letter and The Scent of You, give one or two of the others a try. Satisfaction guaranteed!

  • Booky McBookworm says:

    Thanks for these recommendations. The Lyrebird will now be next on my list (pile), followed by The Fifth Letter. Can’t wait!

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