The ‘Pretty Delicious’ Brownie Competition!

What’s better than being the judge of a brownie competition? Reading the book that inspired it, of course!

Staff at HarperCollins HQ are buzzing about the Pretty Delicious Brownie competition held at our Sydney offices this morning, to celebrate Danielle Hawkin’s incredibly cosy and charming novel The Pretty Delicious Cafe. Danielle’s novel will remind you of those special, good things we love about living. And the food is great.

We were all waiting very patiently…

Staff were greeted with a glorious spread of brownies and some alt-brownies, and lucky them, THEY got to be the judges! As you can see there were no qualms about getting stuck right in to do the all-important tasting. Thankfully, publishing assistant, Lucy cut the brownies into handy bite-sized pieces so that we wouldn’t miss out on tasting ALL the brownies!

Getting stuck in!

All judges were then asked to cast their votes with a very complex ‘post-it note in bag’ system, while the resident chefs waited anxiously for the results. Some judges, realising they’d been spending far too much time ‘tasting’ had almost forgotten to have their say so there was a last minute scramble to do so.



There were quite an array of treats on offer – just check out the variety!






The results:

Congratulations runner-up, Alice Wood (Marketing and Publicity Manager)! Alice was not confident to begin with but stole second place with her Monday Morning Cooking Club  brownie recipe. Delish!






And the winner is the shy and reluctant, but ultimately chuffed, Wendy Corbett (Sales Operations Manager) who happens to be a Kiwi just like our lovely author, Danielle Hawkins. Wendy was responsible for one of the alt-brownie offerings – touted as ‘better than brownies’. Not only were they heavenly, but they were completely vegan. Win-win!
So everybody had a glorious morning and left full of good cheer (and chocolate) but were also inspired to pick up a copy of The Pretty Delicious Cafe to take the feeling of eating hand-made treats home with them.

The Pretty Delicious Cafe is available now in all good bookstores and online!










For your next batch of brownies:

Follow the official ‘Pretty Delicious Cafe’ brownie recipe!

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"The ‘Pretty Delicious’ Brownie Competition!"

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