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So, you want to be punched by an astronaut?

December 2, 2017 Guest Post 0 Comments

On the day on which Neil Armstrong died, there was a harvest moon above the River Thames. It was a coincidence, but a charming one. It was as if the Moon was paying its respects. Going online, I wondered how soon I would see people declare that 82-year-old Armstrong had been assassinated because he was about to reveal the truth about the Moon landings. I was way behind the times; apparently that hot-headed rumour began at the moment of the death announcement. Capricorn One has much to answer for. READ MORE

Want to be a unique and effective leader?

“Why do I exist?” “Why does our institution exist?” “What is the role of a multinational corporation in our world? “What is the role of a leader in digital technology, especially as the world turns to tech as such a crucial input to drive growth?” These questions haunt me, and they motivated me to write Hit Refresh. Finding answers set me on an intellectual and introspective journey to discover what I uniquely can contribute to society and how to rediscover the soul of Microsoft, to define our role as a global company. They guide me daily in the pursuit to bring empathy together with big ideas in order to make a real difference. READ MORE

Katrina Lawrence: Literary Tour of Paris

November 16, 2017 Guest Post 0 Comments

Paris is arguably the most literarily immortalised place on earth. You could visit almost every corner and cranny of this much-loved city without even leaving your couch. But if you want to be more than merely an armchair traveller, here are some of my favourite real-time ways in which you can experience the literary City of Light … READ MORE

A Brain For Life: Top 7 foods for fighting Dementia

September is Dementia Awareness month so today's post is an excerpt from A Brain for Life: How to Optimise Your Brain Health by Making Simple Lifestyle Changes Now by Dr. Nicola Gates on foods that can help fight dementia. Like the rest of our body the brain needs energy to function and grow. In fact, for its size the brain has the highest demand for energy of any part of the body at rest. The adult brain consumes almost 25 per cent of the energy the body produces from food. Diet impacts on brain function indirectly via its effect on the body, and directly as the brain consumes a lot of energy. Thankfully, our brain is the boss and if starved of nutrients it will sacrifice the body to get them – but we could make it easier by just eating the right things in the first place. READ MORE

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