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The story behind ‘The Last of the Bonegilla Girls’

April 18, 2018 Guest Post 0 Comments

by Victoria Purman Bonegilla is the Bonegilla Migrant Reception Centre, a spawling ex-Army camp on the River Murray in north-eastern Victoria, near Albury-Wodonga. Between 1947 and 1971, more than 320,000 people passed through there after arriving in Australia, looking for new lives and better opportunities. The small community is called Bonegilla and pronounced Bone-Gilla. But the camp came to be know as Bon-neg-illa as that’s the way migrants began pronouncing it when they arrived there. And although it’s thought to have come from a local indigenous name meaning deep water hole or big cattle camp, it does sound Italian so I can see why its usage changed. READ MORE

Five Reasons to Keep Fresh Flowers in Your Home

April 12, 2018 Guest Post 0 Comments

by Vanessa Carnevale I’ve always loved flowers, but before I started writing The Memories That Make Us, I didn’t have much experience in growing them, and I only ever kept vases of them in the house when I received them for special occasions. Over the course of writing my novel, set on a fictional flower farm in Daylesford, Victoria, my love of all things botanical amplified, and a new world opened up to me—one that showed me just how beneficial having armloads of flowers in my garden and home on a regular basis could be. READ MORE

Read an extract: The Secrets We Keep by Shirley Patton

April 10, 2018 Sample 0 Comments

A mother's secret. A father's betrayal. A town on the edge.  For readers of Judy Nunn's Spirits of the Ghan… When a newcomer blows into the mining town of Kalgoorlie she unwittingly uncovers a web of lies and a heartbreaking tie with her tumultuous past in this compelling family saga. In stores from March 19th, 2018. Click here to find out more! READ MORE

Guest Post: Tess Evans on the Power of Community Activism

In her new novel, The Ballad of Banjo Crossing, Tess Evans deals with what happens when a small town community is fractured by big business - when armchair critics become activists. Once a proud farming community, Banjo Crossing could become a mining town, their sweet water compromised, their fertile soil degraded, the food they produce, suspect. What are the ramifications when an issue like this has the power to divide even the most closely knit community? READ MORE

A Day in the life with Eliza Henry-Jones

Not only is Eliza Henry-Jones the very talented author of the infinitely beautiful novels, In The Quiet (2015),  Ache (2017), and P is for Pearl (just released), but she also has qualifications in English, psychology and grief, loss and trauma counselling. She has completed an honours in creative writing - exploring bushfire trauma - and works in community services. Oh, and did we mention that she's only 27! We might hold it against her if she wasn't so darn delightful! READ MORE