Quantcast FIRST WEEK AT COW SCHOOL by Russell Ayto, Illustrated by Andy Cutbill
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 On Sale: 9/03/2012
 Formats:     Paperback
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Book Description

Marjorie the cow feels jolly proud when her daughter, Daisy, starts school. But lessons aren′t as easy as they seem... Daisy can′t hoof paint or swat flies like the other cows, and cowpat training is a disaster!

Yet, Marjorie soon discovers that Daisy has a surprising talent to make her stand out from the herd!

Age: 3 - 5

Author Extras

ISBN: 9780007274680; ISBN10: 0007274688; Imprint: HarperCollinsChildren'sBooks ; On Sale: 9/03/2012; Format: Paperback; Trimsize: 10 3/16 x 10 7/16; Pages: 32; $14.99; ; BISAC1:JUV000000

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