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A&R Classics


My Brilliant Career
& My Career Goes Bung

by Miles Franklin

'I am given to something which a man never pardons in a woman. You will draw away as though I were a snake when you hear.'
With this warning, Sybylla confesses to her rich and handsome suitor that she is given to writing stories and bound, therefore on a brilliant career. ... more

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The Pea-Pickers

by Eve Langley

In The Pea-Pickers, a novel based on Eve Langley's own experiences, Steve and Blue are two girls who, dressed as men, are taken on as itinerant workers for the farmers of Gippsland. They pack apples and pick peas. But their disguise is partial - and their quest is for love ... more

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  My Brother Jack

My Brother Jack

by George Johnston

'The thing I am trying to get at is what made Jack different from me. Different all through our lives, I mean, and in a special sense, not just older or nobler or braver or less clever.' Through the story of the two brothers, George Johnston created an enduring exploration of two Australian myths: that of the man who loses his soul as he gains worldly success, and that of the tough, honest Aussie battler ... more

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The Sundowners

by Jon Cleary

The epic tale of the outback Australian family, the Carmodys, The Sundowners is a novel filled with kindness and happiness, as well as toughness and danger and is set against the magnificent backdrop of the wild, harsh and beautiful Australian landscape ... more

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  Come in Spinner

Come in Spinner
by Dymphna Cusack & Florence James

Set in a beauty salon at the Hotel South Pacific in wartime Sydney, it revolves around the lives and loves of three women - Deb, Guinea and Claire. Their romantic entanglements are further complicated by the tensions of war, with American troops in 'occupation' and at a time when anything could be obtained - for a price ... more

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  Capricornia   Capricornia
by Xavier Herbert

'Capricornia will always be one of the greatest of Australian novels, a defining work in the search for what it is, or was, to be Australian.'
Australian Book Review ... more

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by Katharine Susannah Prichard

A tough, uncompromising novel about the difficult love between a white man and a black woman.

This frank and daring novel set on the edge of the desert still raises difficult questions about the history of contact between black and white, and its representation in Australian writing ... more

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The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith

by Thomas Keneally

When Jimmie Blacksmith marries a white woman, the backlash from both Jimmie's tribe and white society initiates a series of dramatic events ... more

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The Battlers

by Kylie Tennant

The Battlers is the story of Snow, a drifter and wanderer, the waiflike Dancy the Stray, from the slums of Sydney, and the other outcasts who accompany them as they travel the country roads looking for work. ... more

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The Timeless Land

by Eleanor Dark

The year 1788: the very beginning of European settlement. These were times of hardship, cruelty and danger. Above all, they were times of conflict between the Aborigines and the white settlers. All the while, beneath the veneer of British civilisation, lies the baffling presence of Australia, the 'timeless land'.

Storm of Time and No Barrier complete the Timeless Land trilogy ... more

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  My Love Must Wait

My Love Must Wait
by Ernestine Hill

When Matthew Flinders, the first man to chart and circumnavigate Australia, set sail from England in July 1801, he left behind the intrigues of his homeland but also his young bride of only a few weeks, Ann Chappell. He didn't see her again for more than nine years... more

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  One Crowded Hour   One Crowded Hour
by Tim Bowden

For over twenty years, from the early 1960s, Neil Davis brought enduring images of the full horror of modern war directly from the battlefront to the world's television screens. Davis's former colleague, Tim Bowden, tells the life story of this remarkable and complex cinecameramen and journalist - a cool, utterly dedicated professional, a legendary gambler who often relied on his intuitive sixth sense to stay alive, and a man who was equally at home with presidents and street beggars ... more
  Island of Angry Ghosts   Islands of Angry Ghosts
by Hugh Edwards

A fascinating story, in print since 1966, Islands of Angry Ghosts is a story in two parts. It traces and re-creates the final months of the Batavia and her crew, pieced together through journals, letters and trial records. It also follows the discovery and salvage of Batavia's wreck by Hugh Edwards and a crew of divers ... more

  My Love Must Wait

Hell West and Crooked
by Tom Cole

'A real-life story of the pioneering days of the Top End that out-adventures anything fiction writers could hope to produce.'
The West Australian
  Because a White Man Will Never Do it   Because a White Man'll Never Do It
by Kevin Gilbert

First published in 1973, Gilbert's controversial account of Aboriginal affairs paints a disturbing image of the impact of the colonisation of Australia by Britain and the ongoing problems faced by the Aboriginal people. The book poses a solution directly addressing what Indigenous people really want: land, compensation, discreet non-dictatorial help and, most of all, to be left alone by white Australia ... more
  Storm of Time

Storm of Time

The Timeless Land Trilogy Book 2
by Eleanor Dark

Sydney Cove, 1799, and three years since Governor Phillip departed. Against a background of continuing convict settlement, hunger, rebellion and the terrifying force of a barely understood land, the saga of Ellen Prentice and the Mannion family continues ... more

The Timeless Land and No Barrier complete the Timeless Land trilogy


Haxby's Circus

by Katherine Susannah Prichard

Welcome to Haxby's Circus — the lightest, brightest little show on earth. But away from the spotlight and superficial glamour of the circus the real, and sometimes tragic, lives of the performers are exposed: their hopes and dreams, successes and failures, the drudgery of life on the road ... more

'Katharine Susannah Prichard takes the raw material of our lives and transmutes it into the gold of literature'
Mary Durack

  People of the Book

People of the Book

by Geraldine Brooks
When Hanna Heath gets a call in the middle of the night in her Sydney home about a precious medieval manuscript that has been recovered from the smouldering ruins of war-torn Sarajevo, she knows she is on the brink of the experience of a lifetime ... more

‘an imaginative tour de force’ — Good Weekend
‘intelligent, thoughtful, gracefully written and original’ —Washington Post



by Glenda Adams

In this imaginative tour de force, Miles Franklin award winner Glenda Adams explores with tenderness and grace the life of a man who seems destined to find his mother in all other women ...  more

‘Totally convincing and enjoyable … [Adams] can sketch characters in a dialogue or two, extract entertainment from ordinary situations, and she captures the mood of suburban Australia.’
Sunday Times

  Bride Stripped Bare

The Bride Stripped Bare

by Nikki Gemmell

A woman disappears. Her car lies abandoned on a remote bluff; no body is found. She was the good wife, the good mother: mannerly, quiet, self-contained. But she has left behind an incendiary diary chronicling a disturbing journey of sexual awakening ... more

  Exiles at Home

Exiles at Home: Australian Women Writers
by Drusilla Modjeska

This immensely readable work by one of Australia’s most respected writers of today is a fascinating insight into the lives of these significant literary figures, and into the creative process itself ... more

‘Invaluable to all readers seriously interested in the history of Australian literature.’ — Weekend Australian

  Art of the Engine Driver  

The Art of the Engine Driver

by Steven Carroll

On a hot summer’s night in the 1950s, the old and the new, diesel and steam, town and country all collide - and nobody will be left unaffected. The Art of the Engine Driver is a luminous and evocative tale of ordinary lives, told with extraordinary power
... more

‘subtle, true and profoundly touching . . . from the first lines of this very beautiful novel . . . an indefinable charm is at work’
Le Monde

  Mother's Disgace

A Mother's Disgrace
by Robert Dessaix

Adopted as a baby towards the end of World War II, Robert Dessaix grew up haunted by 'a shaft of silence' surrounding the question of his natural mother's identity, and of his identity and sexuality. In this touching memoir, he recounts the story of a most unusual childhood on Sydney's North Shore; of his fascination with Russia and his years spent studying in Cold War Moscow; and of his restless wanderings around the world ... more

  Maestro   Maestro
by Peter Goldsworthy

On release, Maestro was hailed ‘a splendid achievement, a wise, deeply felt novel that continues to haunt well after one has finished it. It is distinguished by subtlety, by economy and by a quality often lacking in even the best of recent novels - an unerring quality of tone’ by Andrew Riemer in the Sydney Morning Herald. It has sold over 200,000 copies in Australia and was voted by members of the Australian Society of Authors as one of the Top 40 Australian Books of All Time ... more

  Due Preperations for the Plague

Due Preparations For the Plague
by Janette Turner Hospital

Janette Turner Hospital has crafted a taut and confronting novel that propels us into the chaos of terror and the cruelty - and unexpected hope - of survival ... more

‘Hospital is a poet of paranoia, and this book could do for the post-September 11 era what John le Carre did for the Cold War.’ — New York Time Out