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Lucette Lagnado
Man in the White Sharkskin Suit, The (Trade PB)

Jhumpa Lahiri
The Namesake (B Format Paperback)

Jhumpa Lahiri
The Namesake (E-Book)

Tobsha Learner
The Witch of Cologne (E-Book)

Tobsha Learner
The Witch of Cologne (B Format Paperback)

Harriet Lerner
Dance of Intimacy, The (Trade PB)

Harriet Lerner
Mother Dance, The (Trade PB)

Doris Lessing
Ben, in the World (B Format Paperback)

Doris Lessing
The Sweetest Dream (B Format Paperback)

Doris Lessing
The Grandmothers (B Format Paperback)

Doris Lessing
The Golden Notebook (E-Book)

Doris Lessing
Ben, In The World (E-Book)

Doris Lessing
The Grandmothers (E-Book)

Julius Lester
Guardian (Hardcover)

Brian Leung
Take Me Home (Trade PB)

Madeline Levine, PhD
Price of Privilege, The (Hardcover)

C S Lewis
The Complete Chronicles of Narnia 50th Anniversary Edition (C Format Hardback)

C S Lewis
The Chronicles of Narnia (B Format Paperback)

Yiyun Li
A Thousand Years Of Good Prayers (B Format Paperback)

Yiyun Li
A Thousand Years Of Good Prayers (E-Book)

Elinor Lipman
The Pursuit Of Alice Thrift (B Format Paperback)

Elinor Lipman
The Pursuit Of Alice Thrift (E-Book)

Laura Lippman
Life Sentences (Hardcover)

Laura Lippman
Girl in the Green Raincoat, The (Trade PB)

Margot Livesey
Flight of Gemma Hardy, The (Trade PB)

Angelo Loukakis
Houdini's Flight (E-Book)

Angelo Loukakis
Houdini's Flight (Trade Paperback)

Ann-Marie MacDonald
The Way The Crow Flies (B Format Paperback)

Gregory Maguire
Wicked (Trade PB)

Gregory Maguire
Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister (Trade PB)

Gregory Maguire
Next Queen of Heaven, The (Trade PB)

Ann Mah
Kitchen Chinese (Trade PB)

Gautam Malkani
Londonstani (B Format Paperback)

Gautam Malkani
Londonstani (E-Book)

Thomas Mann
Death in Venice (Trade PB)

Hilary Mantel
Wolf Hall (B Format Paperback)

Vanina Marsot
Foreign Tongue (Trade PB)

James Martin
Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything, The (Hardcover)

Jeffrey Marx
Long Snapper, The (Hardcover)

Sujata Massey
Pearl Diver, The (Trade PB)

Alexander Masters
Stuart (B Format Paperback)

Alexander Masters
Stuart (E-Book)

Andrew Masterson
The Second Coming (B Format Paperback)

Andrew Masterson
The Second Coming (E-Book)

Joyce Maynard
Labor Day (Trade PB)

Joyce Maynard
Good Daughters, The (Trade PB)

Joyce Maynard
After Her (Hardcover)

Tilar J. Mazzeo
Widow Clicquot, The (Hardcover)

Susan McBride
Cougar Club, The (Trade PB)

Susan McBride
Little Black Dress (Trade PB)

Susan McBride
Truth About Love and Lightning, The (Trade PB)

Kathleen McCleary
Simple Thing, A (Trade PB)

Tori Murden McClure
Pearl in the Storm, A (Hardcover)

Mary Kay McComas
What Happened to Hannah (Trade PB)

Mary Kay McComas
Something About Sophie (Trade PB)

Jess McConkey
Widows of Braxton County, The (Trade PB)

Frank McCourt
Teacher Man (E-Book)

Victoria McHalick
The Taming (B Format Paperback)

Mary McNear
Up at Butternut Lake (Trade PB)

Cornelius Medvei
Mr Thundermug (B Format Hardback)

Cornelius Medvei
Mr Thundermug (E-Book)

Marsha Mehran
Pomegranate Soup (B Format Paperback)

Marsha Mehran
Pomegranate Soup (E-Book)

DeLaune Michel
Safety of Secrets, The (Trade PB)

Mark Mills
The Whaleboat House (B Format Paperback)

Mark Mills
The Whaleboat House (E-Book)

Pamela Mingle
Pursuit of Mary Bennet, The (Trade PB)

Jacquelyn Mitchard
Theory of Relativity, A AER (E-Book)

Pamela Moore
Chocolates for Breakfast (Trade PB)

Tara Moss
Siren (E-Book)

Tara Moss
Siren (Trade Paperback)

Sallie Muirden
We Too Shall Be Mothers (B Format Paperback)

Yannick Murphy
Call, The (Trade PB)

Tiffany Murray
Happy Accidents (Trade PB)

Walter Dean Myers
Lockdown (Hardcover)

Julie Myerson
Home (B Format Paperback)

Julie Myerson
Home (E-Book)

Preethi Nair
100 Shades Of White (B Format Paperback)

Heather Newton
Under the Mercy Trees (Trade PB)

Anne Maria Nicholson
Pliny's Warning (Trade Paperback)

Christopher Nicholson
The Elephant Keeper (E-Book)

Diane Noble
Sister Wife, The (Trade PB)

Matthew Norman
Domestic Violets (Trade PB)

Josip Novakovich
Infidelities (Trade PB)

Barbara O'Neal
The Lost Recipe for Happiness (Trade Paperback)

Joyce Carol Oates
The Falls (B Format Paperback)

Joyce Carol Oates
We Were the Mulvaneys (B Format Paperback)

Alex Palmer
Blood Redemption (A Format Paperback)

Alex Palmer
The Tattooed Man (A Format Paperback)

Alex Palmer
The Labyrinth of Drowning (Trade Paperback)

Ann Patchett
Truth And Beauty (B Format Paperback)

Ann Patchett
Taft (B Format Paperback)

Ann Patchett
Bel Canto (B Format Paperback)

Lynne Rae Perkins
As Easy as Falling Off the Face of the Earth (Hardcover)

Mandaley Perkins
Hanoi Adieu (E-Book)

Mandaley Perkins
Hanoi Adieu (B Format Paperback)

Tom Perrotta
The Abstinence Teacher (E-Book)

Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Call Me Irresistible (Mass Market PB)

Dana Precious
Born Under a Lucky Moon (Trade PB)

Francine Prose
Lovers at the Chameleon Club, Paris 1932 (Hardcover)

Annie Proulx
Brokeback Mountain (Non Standard Paperback)

Annie Proulx
Close Range (E-Book)

Barbara Quick
Vivaldi's Virgins (Trade PB)

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