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A Blade of Grass (B Format Paperback) By Lewis Desoto

A Dissection of Murder (B+ Format Paperback) By Felicity Young

A Model World (B Format Paperback) By Michael Chabon

A Model World (E-Book) By Michael Chabon

A Most Immoral Woman (E-Book) By Linda Jaivin

A Most Immoral Woman (B Format Paperback) By Linda Jaivin

A Simpler Time (E-Book) By Peter FitzSimons

A Simpler Time (B Format Paperback) By Peter FitzSimons

A Thousand Years Of Good Prayers (B Format Paperback) By Yiyun Li

A Thousand Years Of Good Prayers (E-Book) By Yiyun Li

About Grace (B Format Paperback) By Anthony Doerr

About Grace (E-Book) By Anthony Doerr

About My Sisters (Trade PB) By Debra Ginsberg

Abraham (Trade Paperback) By Bruce Feiler

Adverbs (B+ Format Paperback) By Daniel Handler

After Her (Hardcover) By Joyce Maynard

Albert Le Blanc (Non Standard Hardback) By Nick Butterworth

Alchemist, The - Gift Edition (Hardcover) By Paulo Coelho

Alexander and Alestria (Trade PB) By Shan Sa

All the Flowers in Shanghai (Trade PB) By Duncan Jepson

All the Way Home (Trade PB) By David Giffels

All You Could Ask For (Hardcover) By Mike Greenberg

America's Prophet (Hardcover) By Bruce Feiler

American Heroines (Trade PB) By Kay Bailey Hutchison

Annie, Between the States (Paperback) By L. M. Elliott

Annunciation of Francesca Dunn, The (Trade PB) By Janis Hallowell

Antonio's Wife (Trade PB) By Jacqueline DeJohn

Anything You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You (Trade PB) By Laurie Lynn Drummond

Art Life Chooks (E-Book) By Annette Hughes

Art of Social War, The (Trade PB) By Jodi Wing

Art, Life, Chooks (B+ Format Paperback) By Annette Hughes

As Easy as Falling Off the Face of the Earth (Hardcover) By Lynne Rae Perkins

As Simple as It Seems (Hardcover) By Sarah Weeks

Athletic Shorts (Paperback) By Chris Crutcher

Aunty Lee's Delights (Trade PB) By Ovidia Yu

Bad Blood (B Format Paperback) By Lorna Sage

Bad Blood (E-Book) By Lorna Sage

Bad Medicine (B Format Paperback) By Jack Dann

Balancing Acts (Trade PB) By Zoe Fishman

Bastard on the Couch, The (Trade PB) By Daniel Jones

Beijing Confidential (Trade Paperback) By Jan Wong

Bel Canto (B Format Paperback) By Ann Patchett

Ben, In The World (E-Book) By Doris Lessing

Ben, in the World (B Format Paperback) By Doris Lessing

Bending Toward the Sun (Trade PB) By Leslie Gilbert-Lurie

Benjamin Franklin's Bastard (Hardcover) By Sally Cabot

Best of Friends, The (Trade PB) By Sara James, Ginger Mauney

Best-Kept Secret, The (Trade PB) By Kimberla Lawson Roby

Between Two Worlds (Trade PB) By Roxana Saberi

Beyond Mombasa (E-Book) By Frank Coates

Big Bang (B Format Paperback) By Simon Singh

Big Bang (E-Book) By Simon Singh

Big Girl Panties (Hardcover) By Stephanie Evanovich

Blood Mask (Trade PB) By Lauren Kelly

Blood Redemption (A Format Paperback) By Alex Palmer

Bloody Crimes (Hardcover) By James L. Swanson

Bloom EPB (E-Book) By Kelle Hampton

Blue Christmas (Hardcover) By Mary Kay Andrews

Born Under a Lucky Moon (Trade PB) By Dana Precious

Boy Alone EPB (E-Book) By Karl Taro Greenfeld

Boys without Names (Hardcover) By Kashmira Sheth

Breaking Point (Paperback) By Alex Flinn

Brida (B Format Paperback) By Paulo Coelho

Brokeback Mountain (Non Standard Paperback) By Annie Proulx

Bulls Island (Hardcover) By Dorothea Benton Frank

By The Time You Read This (B Format Paperback) By Lola Jaye

By The Time You Read This (E-Book) By Lola Jaye

Caleb's Crossing (B Format Paperback) By Geraldine Brooks

Call Me Irresistible (Mass Market PB) By Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Call, The (Trade PB) By Yannick Murphy

Canterbury Papers, The (Trade PB) By Judith Koll Healey

Carly's Gift (Trade PB) By Georgia Bockoven

Carrion Death, A EPB (E-Book) By Michael Stanley

Changing Faces (Trade PB) By Kimberla Lawson Roby

Chicago (B Format Paperback) By Alaa Al Aswany

Child of the Twilight (E-Book) By Carmel Bird

Child of the Twilight (B+ Format Paperback) By Carmel Bird

Chocolates for Breakfast (Trade PB) By Pamela Moore

Christmas in Sugarcreek EPB (E-Book) By Shelley Shepard Gray

City of the Beasts (B Format Paperback) By Isabel Allende

Clara Callan (B Format Paperback) By Richard B Wright

Close Range (E-Book) By Annie Proulx

Color of Lightning, The (Trade PB) By Paulette Jiles

Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister (Trade PB) By Gregory Maguire

Conspiracy of Kings, A (Hardcover) By Megan Whalen Turner

Cougar Club, The (Trade PB) By Susan McBride

Crossed (Trade PB) By Nicole Galland

Crossing the Heart of Africa (Trade PB) By Julian Smith

Cup of Tea, A (Trade PB) By Amy Ephron

Dance of Intimacy, The (Trade PB) By Harriet Lerner

Dancing With the Hurricane (B+ Format Paperback) By Leon Silver

Darcy's Story (Trade PB) By Janet Aylmer

Daughter of Fortune (B Format Paperback) By Isabel Allende

Deadly Harvest (Trade PB) By Michael Stanley

Death in Venice (Trade PB) By Thomas Mann

Death Of An Ancient King (B Format Paperback) By Laurent Gaude

Department of Lost & Found, The (Trade PB) By Allison Winn Scotch

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (Trade PB) By Rebecca Wells

Domestic Violets (Trade PB) By Matthew Norman

Dracula, My Love (Trade PB) By Syrie James

Drink Me (B Format Paperback) By Skye Rogers

Drinking Closer to Home (Trade PB) By Jessica Anya Blau

Driving Lessons (Trade PB) By Zoe Fishman

Early Decision (Hardcover) By Lacy Crawford

Early Leaving (Trade PB) By Judy Goldman

Eating Lolly (E-Book) By Corrie Hosking

Eating Lolly (B+ Format Paperback) By Corrie Hosking

Elegance (E-Book) By Kathleen Tessaro

Eleven Minutes (B+ Format Paperback) By Paulo Coelho

Emma's Table (Trade PB) By Philip Galanes

English Girl LP, The (Large Print) By Daniel Silva

Etched in Sand (Trade PB) By Regina Calcaterra

Eve Green (B Format Paperback) By Susan Fletcher

Evening is the Whole Day (Trade Paperback) By Preeta Samarasan

Everything Beautiful Began After (Trade PB) By Simon Van Booy

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