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Teachers' resources, online, all the time

HarperCollins has a range of teachers' resources available online, and these are available for free, at your convenience. Selected teachers' guides are available below in PDF; if you do not find what you are looking for below, please email us.

You will need Adobe Reader. Get it here

For more information, updates on Virtual Author Tours and other educational resources head to our education blog, Teachers' Hub!

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Education Catalogue 2014

Download the Catalogue here! ( right click and choose save target as. )
Premiers Reading List 2013

Download the Reading list here! ( right click and choose save target as. )

Australian Curriculum Suggested Titles 2013

Download the Suggested Titles list here! ( right click and choose save target as. )


Teachers' Guides - Alphabetical by Title ( ignoring "The" or "A" )

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Commonsense Cookery Book Teaching Notes