High Surf: The World's Most Inspiring Surfers

by Tim Baker

On Sale: 01/10/2007


About the Book

Inspiring stories from an eclectic cast of surfers

'tim Baker may well be the most brilliant and incisive surf writer working today, or on any givenday for the last twenty years.' worldprosurfers.com Leading surf journalist tim Baker has profiled the surfing world's most inspiring characters, encountered over two decades of surf writing, to highlight the life lessons and boundless inspiration to be gained from a lifestyle built around waveriding. From salty old surf legends to modern pro-surf stars, to surfers from all walks of life - writers, musicians, aid workers, ethicists - the common theme in all these surfers' lives is how their personal journeys have been shaped and informed by their experiences in the ocean. 'I think one of the most powerful outcomes of surfing is how it creates community and shared experiences across all sections of society. Surfing is a lingua franca of nature. Even dolphins and other sea creatures surf.' Vezen Wu, scientist 'Just the feeling of the water on you, diving and paddling, duck-diving your first wave, seeing a set come, turning around and stroking into it, that initial rush as you drop down the face, the jolts of acceleration as you go through the manoeuvres - there's nothing like it. the only thing that actually comes close to riding waves is sex.' Mark Richards, four-time world surfing champion 5% of author royalties from this book will be distributed to the following charities: Surf Aid International; Disabled Surfers Association; Life Rolls On; Surfers Healing; Surfrider Foundation

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  • ISBN: 9780732284862
  • ISBN 10: 0732284864
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  • On Sale: 01/10/2007
  • Pages: 368
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Tim Baker is a former editor of Tracks and Surfing Life magazines. Tim is co-author of Bustin' Down the Door (with Rabbit Bartholomew) and holds a Bachelor of Journalism from RMIT. His work has appeared in Rolling Stone, The Sydney Morning Herald, Inside Sport and GQ, amongst others. His previous book was Waves: Great Stories from the Surf.

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