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A page-turning young adult historical romance that will entrance girls aged 13 years plus.

Allie Bennett has moved to Norfolk Island with her family, and as the texts and phone calls with her friends back in Sydney dwindle, Allie feels increasingly alone. the instant attraction that occurs between Allie and her classmate, Noah O'Brien, is threatened when he keeps reminding her that she is descended from John Bennett, the brutal commandant who oversaw the penal colony 150 years ago and made the lives of the convicts, including Noah's ancestor, a living hell. When the discovery of a hidden diary catapults Allie into the tragic story of two young long-dead lovers, she is appalled at the injustice detailed in the diary and vows to put things right. But digging up the past has the potential to damage reputations and end her relationship with Noah. It will take a token of love - a ring made from hair - to solve the mystery of what really happened so long ago, and lay the past to rest.

Product Details

  • ISBN: 9780732294885
  • ISBN 10: 0732294886
  • Imprint: HarperCollins - AU
  • On Sale: 01/03/2013
  • Pages: 304
  • List Price: 19.99 AUD
  • Age: From 13 years


Felicity Pulman is the award-winning and widely published author of numerous short stories, articles and novels for children and YA, including THE JANNA MYSTERIES (Random House). She has many years experience talking to students or adults about researching and writing her books as well as conducting workshops in a wide variety of genres including writing fantasy, crime and historical fiction. A RING THROUGH TIME was begun during her May Gibbs Fellowship residence in Adelaide in 2010.Felicity Pulman lives in Balgowlah, NSW.

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