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Candid True Tales by Australia's Funniest Oversharers

by Zoe Norton Lodge Ben Jenkins

On Sale: 16/11/2018



About the Book

A hilarious, no-holds-barred collection of true stories from Story Club, the legendary live show that spawned the hit podcast

In this first collection from Story Club, the legendary live show that has become a hit podcast, Club founders and popular Checkout presenters Zoe Norton Lodge and Ben Jenkins have brought together 30 of the most candid true tales by some of Australia's funniest oversharers.

The results are by turns hilarious, poignant, revealing and, sometimes, downright weird. Contributors include David Marr, Annabel Crabb, Richard Glover, Rob Carlton, Lewis Hobba, Cathy Wilcox, Susie Youssef, Kate Mulvaney (King Lear), Debra Oswald, and many more.

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  • ISBN: 9781460710432
  • ISBN 10: 1460710436
  • Imprint: ABC Books
  • On Sale: 16/11/2018
  • Pages: 288


Zoe Norton Lodge is a writer and performer.She has worked with the Chaser team on ABC TV shows such as The Hamster Wheel,The Chaser's Media Circus and The Chaser's Election Desk,and hasbeen a writer and presenter on The Checkout for six years. Zoe isco-creator of Story Club, and, having told a new yarn there approximately oncea month for a decade, has written approximately four million short stories.Zoe's writing is widely published in Australian anthologies, including BestAustralian Stories. Her first book of short stories, Almost Sincerely waspublished in 2015 and her first children's book, Elizabella, will be published in 2018.

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Ben Jenkins is a writer, comedian, podcaster and television presenter. He is a writer and presenter on ABC's The Checkout. He is host and co-creator of the comedy nights-turned podcasts Story Club and Dragon Friends. He is also co-host of the hit podcast Free to a Good Home. He co-wrote the radio play Space Wizard for ABC RN and writes about politics and media for Fairfax.

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