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  • 'There are
worlds in you,
and I have
fallen in love
with every one.' @beautaplin
  • The story of Scott Donaldson's relentless journey to be the first person to cross the Tasman sea solo in a kayak.

Unpredictable and unforgiving, the Tasman Sea is one of the most hostile stretches of water in the world. In 2018 Kiwi adventurer Scott Donaldson spent two months alone at sea to achieve a world first.

Donaldson's world first is an inspirational story of dogged perseverance, true Kiwi grit and relentless endurance.
  • What if you almost missed the love of your life?

Daniel gets the 7.30 train every morning without fail. Nadia does too, except if she oversleeps or wakes up at her friend Emma's after too much wine.

One morning, Nadia's eye catches sight of a post in the daily paper: 'To the cute girl with the coffee stains on her dress. I'm the guy who's always standing near the doors … Drink sometime?' So begins a not-quite-romance of near-misses, true love, and the power of the written word.
  • Angie Watts is a mother. And a mother does anything to protect her children – even when the world is falling apart …

How far would you go to keep your family safe?
  • Just after midnight, a snowdrift stops the Orient Express in its tracks. The luxurious train is surprisingly full for the time of the year, but by the morning it is one passenger fewer. An American tycoon lies dead in his compartment, stabbed a dozen times, his door locked from the inside.

Isolated and with a killer in their midst, detective Hercule Poirot must identify the murderer – in case he or she decides to strike again.
  • Alice has always been haunted by the women from her husband's past. 
There's one ex in particular she can't get out of her head, a beautiful student who went missing before they finished university: Ruth.

When Alice thinks she see Ruth on a train, she can't shake the feeling there's more to the disappearance than George has told her. But does she really want to know what her husband has been up to behind her back all these years?
  • They plotted. They schemed. They unleashed chaos.

VENOM is a cracking account of the rivalries and hatreds that split the Liberal Party, brought down Malcolm Turnbull and propelled Scott Morrison to power.

Essential reading for an Australian confused about our political past and concerned about our country's future.

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