The baked cheesecake recipe of your dreams

By Camellia Yildirim

Donna Hay’s The New Easy simplifies and simplifies again. I tried out the Simple Baked Passionfruit Cheesecakes, and they truly are a super easy sweet craving solution!



I particularly loved using Arnott’s butternut Snap cookies as the cheesecake’s base. They go deliciously chewy in the centre and have a great snap around the edges once baked. Replacing the arduous task for preparing and blind baking cheesecake base with store bought biscuits helps this recipe take just on 45 minutes, including baking time.


Although the recipe asked for it, I couldn’t find any fresh passionfruit at either of the grocers I tried, so I used canned puree as a substitute and it worked perfectly. Just make sure to shake the can before opening in case the pulp and seeds have settled. You want to make the most out of the black specks from the seeds and the tang and colour from the pulp.



Making the cheesecake mixture in a food processor is also a genius way to save time. I was able to achieve a perfect consistency just by blitzing the wet ingredients together for a few minutes.



What I love most about The New Easy is that all of the recipes are unapologetic about cutting some sneaky corners and help anyone usually too busy for homemade to see how simply easy homemade can be.



Donna Hay’s The New Easy is available now:


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