Inside: The Whirl by Jane Cornwell

Whirl-blog-headerA fearless and funny quest for love, connection and a faithful man who can dance, THE WHIRL is a truly sexy memoir for the adventurer in all of us. Go inside The Whirl with this collection of photos from author Jane Cornwell.


“Super-sized patterned flags fluttered in the distance like markers to a parallel kingdom, an alt-music Camelot.” (p263)

1 womad flags


“There were more chapters: the sous chef in Amsterdam. The manager of a Spanish naturist resort. The surfing berber who lives in the forest with his hunting dog. The man I met in mexico while watching the shadow of the serpent crawl down the side of a pyramid during the equinox. But they didn’t fit and had to go.” (p292)
2 mexico pyramid


“Watching Blondie and The Pretenders in concert at a winery in the Yarra Valley, a pleasant half hour drive from the childhood home in Mooroolbark. There were no concerts in wineries when I was a kid, unless it was just drunken locals.”
3 winery concert australia


“‘Ahi nama!’ I wasn’t sure what ahi nama! meant but it was always being yelled out in the middle of sizzling descarga jams by ’70s Nuyorican acts like Charlie Palmieri, Tito Puente, and the Fania Allstars. It seemed to be the same as ‘Woo yeah!’.” (p106)
4 cuba dance 3


“When I clicked with a partner and stayed in the moment the feeling was exhilarating, like I was flying through space.” (p183)
5 cuba dance 2


“Angel let me go and I spun around with my arms above my head then threw in some mambo toe-taps and a bit of boom bada boom with my hips before we danced on.” (p181)
6 cuba dance - i love this pic


The Whirl is out now from HarperCollins Publishers Australia.

The Whirl is out now!

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"Inside: The Whirl by Jane Cornwell"

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