Strawberry Ice-Cream Cake recipe: The Pretty Delicious Café


Fan of food and fiction? The Pretty Delicious Café ticks both boxes. It’s a warm, witty novel, brimming with romance and friendship, plus it features some damn fine food!

Danielle Hawkins has even provided readers and foodies with some bonus back-of-the-book recipes, including this delectable strawberry ice-cream cake. We’ll let her take you through the steps…

Strawberry Ice-Cream Cake


Looks almost unbearably classy, tastes wonderful and lasts weeks in the freezer. (NB: This last claim has never been personally tested, owing to deliciousness of ice-cream cake and lack of willpower.

Heat the oven to 170°C. In a bowl, mix together:
1 cup of plain flour
¼ cup of brown sugar
100 grams of butter, melted
½ cup of hazelnuts, reasonably finely chopped
Spread the nut mixture out evenly in a shallow baking dish and bake for
10–15 minutes until lightly toasted, stirring every couple of minutes.
While the nut mixture is toasting, combine in a bowl:
2 cups of chopped strawberries
2 egg whites
1 cup of sugar
2 teaspoons of lemon juice

Beat hard for 10 minutes with an electric beater, until light and fluffy. (Don’t forget to keep stirring the nut mixture, which will be only too ready to burn to a cinder if given half a chance.)

250 millilitres of cream
Fold the whipped cream into the fluffy strawberry mixture.
Line a round cake tin with baking paper and then spread two-thirds
of the toasted nut mixture across the bottom. Spoon in the strawberry
cream fluff, and sprinkle the rest of the nut mixture over the top. Freeze
for at least a few hours, remove from the cake tin and serve in wedges.

And voilà! For more delicious recipes grab a copy of The Pretty Delicious Café!

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