Sneak Peek: Divergent epilogue extract


Attention Veronica Roth fans! If you order Carve The Mark by the date it’s published – 18 January – you’ll receive a never-before-seen Divergent epilogue – We Can Be Mended

To get you excited, here’s a taste of the epilogue!

I finally look around. The crowd gathered
at the bottom of the Pit, near the edge of the
chasm, is dense and multicolored, as I’ve never
seen it before. And the people—old and young
and everything in between, cradling cups to
their chests and talking. My eyes still search for
faction divisions even now, but I don’t find any—
even in myself, my shirt Candor white, my jeans
Erudite blue, and my shoes Dauntless black.
We are just people now.


To read the whole thing, simply pre-order Carve The Mark and fill out this form!

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"Sneak Peek: Divergent epilogue extract"

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