Your new kitchen companions!

Sometimes, cookbooks can feel like our best friends. They’re there for us when we need to feed the family on a week night, for big celebrations or events but also just to share inspiration and indulge in the love of food and cooking. Here are your new kitchen companions, whether you’re wanting to adopt a more plant-based approach or you’re after a crash course in all things classic cookery — from baking to roasts, we’ve got you covered. 

Valli Little is one of Australia’s food superstars. The author of 10 bestselling cookbooks, and for many years the food director of the popular and influential delicious. magazine, Valli’s recipes have inspired a generation of home cooks to be more adventurous in the kitchen. For her legion of fans, Valli’s recipes are synonymous with irresistible twists on unique ingredients, trends and clever reinterpretations of traditional favourites.


At Our Table is the brand new cookbook from the award-winning team behind Australia’s leading premium food lifestyle magazine delicious.
Each chapter offers a flexible menu, as well as brilliant ideas for drinks matching and expert advice for setting the scene. From an elegant simple approach to pulling out all the stops, At Our Table will inspire budding and experienced cooks alike.

People everywhere are embracing the delectable, life-enriching benefits of plant-based eating. Now you can, too, with Taste for Life, your complete guide to plant-based cuisine. With more than 100 recipes that include tasty breakfasts, snacks and lunches, scrumptious comfort foods and luscious desserts, Animals Australia’s Taste for Life will help you and your family eat kindly, tread lightly and live well.


Sally Wise, the bestselling author of Slow Cooker, Slow Cooker 2 and Complete Slow Cooker, shows how many exciting flavours can be coaxed from the depths of your slow cooker! These 100 new recipes from the queen of Australian slow cooking include flavour-packed recipes for soups, mains – beef, lamb, chicken, pork, goat, seafood and vegetarian – and delectable desserts. So let Sally show you how to save time and money with slow cooking – without sacrificing flavour or creativity.


Donna believes that, just like anything you want to be good at, mastering the basics is how you build confidence. So, in this book, she’s sharing all her favourite, tried and true recipes – think the perfect tender steak, golden roast chicken, crispy pork belly, her nan’s sponge cake, and of course the fudgiest brownies! Each basic recipe is followed by clever variations and simple flavour change-ups, so one recipe becomes many and your repertoire naturally grows.


It’s Always About the Food is a delicious and rich, story-filled snapshot of cooking in the global Jewish diaspora, which gathers together the very best cooking and favourite recipes from the global Jewish community, reflecting the Jewish people’s love for food and cooking, and the importance of the family table. This book is all about the food, flavours and the most delicious family recipes – not from a restaurant or a test kitchen, but from the heart of the home.

An inspiring collection of recipes from one of the world’s oldest cities. It is hardly surprising that Aleppo, one of the world’s oldest inhabited cities, is also home to one of the world’s most distinguished and vibrant cuisines. Surrounded by fertile lands and located at the end of the Silk Road, Aleppo was a food capital long before Paris, Rome or New York. Here, one of the Arab world’s most renowned chefs unlocks the secrets to this distinctive cuisine. Featuring over 200 irresistible regional recipes, The Aleppo Cookbook is a beautiful introduction to the Syrian table.





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"Your new kitchen companions!"

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