Month: May 2017

Your Winter Reading Guide

The chilly weather is setting in giving you more the reason to stay in this weekend. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon curled up on the couch under a blanket with a book that'll have you turning the pages faster than your fingers can manage? If you're after a racing thriller, or a powerful story, or anything in between we've got you covered this winter. Read on for our recommendations. READ MORE

The perfect pair: Books and Wine

Many people love to sip on a hot cup of tea or coffee when they're enjoying a book, but we suspect there are a few wine-lovers out there who prefer to indulge in a glass or three of their favourite variety while settling in for a reading marathon. We think wine and books make a winning combo - test out our pairings and see for yourself! READ MORE

The Dangers of Cover Hunting

May 25, 2017 Guest Post 0 Comments

So much goes into the cover of a book - it's the first thing to draw us in while browsing in a book shop, it speaks to our aesthetic sensibilities and tastes, it speaks to trends, genres and style. What a relief that we honor the hard-working designers by celebrating the best of the best at the annual Australian Book Designers Association awards. We're thrilled to have multiple book covers on the 2017 shortlist, and Sunni Overend, the author of one of these shortlisted titles has written a piece on the struggles that sometimes come with creating the perfect book cover.  READ MORE

Nikki Gemmell: A complicated love letter.

No one shapes us like our mothers do. For women no one, arguably, has a bigger impact on our lives. Yet Margaret Thatcher wrote that from the age of fifteen she had nothing more to say to her mother and this feels so cruelly true, for many daughters. From our teenage years onward we can look at our mothers askance, with judgement and admonishment; without enough curiosity about their own path in life. We’re focused on our own, singular velocity. READ MORE

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