The perfect pair: Books and Wine

Many people love to sip on a hot cup of tea or coffee when they’re enjoying a book, but we suspect there are a few wine-lovers out there who prefer to indulge in a glass or three of their favourite variety while settling in for a reading marathon. We think wine and books make a winning combo – test out our pairings and see for yourself!


Maggie Alderson is a legend of women’s fiction and The Scent of You, which centers around a perfume blogger named Polly, will pair perfectly with a large glass of pretty pink Rosé. As you follow Polly on her journey of perfumes, love, loss and forgiveness, you’ll find yourself refilling your glass as you’re up all night with this delightful read.



With the type of prose that will make you swoon, Eliza Henry-Jones’ Ache features language as velvety and rich as a good glass of Chardonay. Someone else will have to pour the dregs into your glass for you as you revel in the poetry of Eliza’s writing.


Hailing from the same general locale (they’re kiwis), Lesley Truffle and a chilled Sav Blac are sure to pair perfectly. The Scandalous Life of Sasha Torte is a delightfully witty and fizzy romp of dastardly deeds, intrepid protagonists, dark villains, wild gangs, luxurious hotels … and mouth-watering treats.



Equal parts moving and hilarious, sombre and deluded, Richard Glover’s Flesh Wounds pairs perfectly with a dry variety of Riesling. This fresh drop will render you frank and fearless enough to handle a mother who invented her past, a father who was often absent, a son who wondered if this could really be his family.



This masterfully written novel by home-grown author Catherine McKinnon is best enjoyed at sunset accompanied by a glass of delicate Pinot Noir. The most noble of the red varieties, you’ll come across entire worlds of flavours; leather, berries, damp earth and tea leaves – which is highly appropriate, seeing as Storyland is a beautifully woven set of stories spanning our past present and future.


‘Look first. Reach second. Vanish third.’ – That’s how you drink wine! Jesting aside, an easy-going glass of merlot is the perfect tipple to accompany Sandra Leigh Price’s magical and intricate prose in The River Sings. The soft, chocolate-y Merlot will juxtapose perfectly with the rough-and-ready world of 1825 London with pick-pockets, mysteries and new beginnings.


Best enjoyed beside a roaring fire while rain drops patter gently at the window, with a glass of the finest Cabernet Sauvignon at the ready. As one of the most beloved and influential books of the twentieth century, we thought The Hobbit and a highly regarded Cab Sav would be a match made in heaven.

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