How to read a book in a weekend

Reading a book to a deadline takes discipline, courage and a little bit of magic! Whether its purely for pleasure, you’ve been slack with your book club reading or you have to do an assignment for school, reading a whole book in one or two days can be a real challenge. We’ve got all the tips you need to get through any book in a weekend, and still remember what happened and whether you enjoyed it when your done!

Get up early

Getting up early will simply make you feel refreshed at the beginning of your reading marathon and will make you feel like you’ve made a great decision! We know, it’s the weekend and the temptation is to stay in bed and laze around but you’ll get more done if you get up out of bed, have a shower, get dressed and pay attention to the rest of these tips.


Find the perfect reading nook

If you’re serious about getting this book read in a day or a weekend you’ll need to avoid your regular reading haunts. Opt for a dining table or a supportive chair – anywhere but your bed or the couch – the temptation to have a nap will be far too strong because there’s nothing better than reading and napping! Why are we doing this again…


Minimise distractions

Your daily life is full of distractions, if you’re wanting to knock over an entire book in a weekend, you’ll need to avoid them all. Make sure you choose a spot away from your regular routine if you find the dishes that need to be done, the bed to make or the children to entertain too distracting, head to the local park instead. If the slightest noise is distracting, you might want to use some noise cancelling headphones to help you enter your optimum reading zone. Bonus tip: putting your phone in another room or leaving it on airplane mode will help to keep you focused.


Take your book to go

If you have certain things you need to do or events to attend during your reading weekend, take your book with you! There will be travelling time or moments waiting in line where you can fit in a chapter or two. It all adds up. Whether you prefer a physical book, ereader or audiobook or a combination of all three, find what suits you and take it to go!


Take regular breaks

If you try to read and read until you finish, no matter how captivating your book is, you will burn out and lose motivation. The book might even become less enjoyable, even if it’s fantastic! Setting a timer for 20 minutes and then taking a 5 minute break doing something completely different can work really well. It will also be super motivating to see your progress as you knock off a good chunk of pages each session.


How do you feel?

This tip is especially good if you’re trying to read something for book club at the last minute, you’ll retain major plot points a lot better and your thoughts and feelings about it will remain fresh, making for better discussion. Underline phrases or take note of your thoughts and feelings during your breaks so that you have time to take in what has happened and avoid that awful feeling of pushing old stuff out when you read something new.


Keep up your fluids

This is vital – a reading marathon may seem like a low-key affair but your concentration and determination will start to flag if you don’t consume regular cups of tea or coffee. Bonus tip: If you love a good snack, try to choose foods that only require one hand so you can eat while reading (We’re not sure if this is the best or worst advice we’ve ever published).


Good luck with your weekend reading challenge! Let us know in the comments below what you’re reading and whether these tips helped you out!


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"How to read a book in a weekend"

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