Have you met Truly Tan?

Have you read the Truly Tan adventures yet? It’s a TANtastic investigation led by Australia’s favourite spy! She’s funny. She’s lively. And she has a cool head and a sharp eye. She’s your local child detective. Picking up on clues and recording every detail in her Secret Spy Files, no mystery remains unsolved with Tan on the case!

This is a hilarious series, perfect for fans of Clarice Bean and Ruby Redfort.
Find out what Tan’s fans are saying:

‘I’ve been a fan of Truly Tan from the beginning, but Hoodwinked is my favourite by far!’
Isabella, age 11

‘Tan is a terrific girl with the skills of an extremely experienced detective.
She could beat Sherlock Holmes in solving a mystery.’
Astrid, age 13

‘I love Truly Tan because it’s funny and intriguing.
Whenever I pick up the book I cannot put it down. 100/10.’
Violet, age 9

‘Truly Tan is an utterly fantastic book – it is so funny and I can’t get my head out of it.’
Callia, age 10 

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"Have you met Truly Tan?"

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