August Book Club Reads

Struggling to find a discussion worthy read for your book club? We’ve put together a list of the perfect accompaniments for that cheese platter and bottle of red you have gearing to go. All book clubs are different so depending on what tickles your fancy have a gander at the list below.

Beautiful Messy Love by Tess Woods

‘Not since Melina Marchetta’s Looking for Alibrandi has an Australian author presented the cross-cultural challenges of new Australians quite so beautifully. Beautiful Messy Love is my pick for 2017 book of the year’
— AusRom Today

When football star Nick Harding hobbles into the Black Salt Cafe, he is served by Anna, a waitress with haunted-looking eyes and no interest in footballers, famous or otherwise. Nick is instantly drawn to this exotic, intelligent girl. But a relationship between them risks shame for her conservative refugee family and backlash for Nick that could ruin his career.

Click here to read a free sample of Beautiful Messy Love


Balcony Over Jerusalem by John Lyons

An enthralling memoir of life in Jerusalem from one of Australia’s most experienced Middle East correspondents. If you only read one book on the Middle East, this is it.




The Party by Elizabeth Day

A gripping story of obsession and betrayal, privilege and hypocrisy, set in the unassailable heart of the British establishment.




Dunkirk by Joshua Levine 

The epic history of Dunkirk, May 1940: when over 300,000 trapped Allied troops were dramatically rescued from destruction at the hands of Nazi Germany by an extraordinary seaborne evacuation. The true history of the soldiers, sailors, airmen and civilians involved in the evacuation during the nine days from 27 May–4 June 1940 has passed into legend.


Every Lie I’ve Ever Told by Rosie Waterland

The bestselling author of The Anti-Cool Girl returns with a devastating, heartbreaking, brilliant, brave and laugh-out-loud funny memoir of telling lies and being on the brink …



Jarluan by the River by Lily Woodhouse

Epic, sensuous, brimming with wildlife, love, beauty, babies, ill deeds, revenge, and unions – illicit and condoned – Jarulan by the River is a glorious story of passion and redemption. A novel with the magic of Colleen McCullough, Bryce Courtenay and Cloudstreet.



The Mighty Franks by Michael Frank

A story at once extremely strange and entirely familiar – about families, innocence, art and love. This hugely enjoyable, totally unforgettable memoir is a classic in the making.




Court of Lions by Jane Johnson

Court of Lions bridges time, interweaving the stories of a woman who must confront her unimaginable past and a man who must face an unthinkable future, bringing one of history’s great turning points to life in an epic saga of romance and redemption.



Whispering in French by Sophia Nash 

A woman returns to France to sell her family home and finds an unexpected chance to start over. Award-winning romance author Sophia Nash makes her women’s fiction debut with a beautifully crafted, funny and life-affirming story.



Which would you pick for your book club?

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"August Book Club Reads"

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