Read A New Book Month

What a wonderful way to welcome spring in – September is also known as Read A New Book Month! To celebrate, all you need to do is pick up that book you’ve been meaning to start and finish it by the end of the month. But for added fun we challenge you to pick up a book outside of your favourite genre. Are you a romance reader? Maybe have a look at our contemporary fiction suggestions. Or maybe biographies are more your cup of tea? Try out a fictional read instead and let your imagination run wild on the adventure.

The Smack Track by Ian McPhedran – Genre: Non-Fiction, Military Biography

From Ian McPhedran, best-selling author, comes the untold and largely unknown story of how the Royal Australian Navy battles pirates, gun runners and drug smugglers in the seas of the Arabian Gulf and the Horn of Africa along the infamous route known as the ‘smack track’.

A New England Affair by Steven Carroll – Genre: Contemporary Fiction

A deeply moving, intense and poignant novel of a love that never finds the right moment, and so becomes the ghost of what could have been, of what never quite was, and never quite will be.

The Tiger’s Prey by Wilbur Smith – Genre: Fiction, Action/Adventure

The Tiger’s Prey takes readers on an epic journey from the southernmost point of Africa. Through the perilous waters of the Arabian Sea, to the lush Indian coastline. It is an incredible and breathless tale of intrigue and family betrayal from one of the world’s greatest storytellers.

Caroline Chisholm: An Irresistible Force by Sarah Goldman – Genre: Non-Fiction, Historical Biography

A fresh, spirited and engaging biography of a fascinating and influential woman who was absolutely instrumental in shaping modern Australia. But whose influence and importance has largely been forgotten.

Sixty Seconds by Jesse Blackadder – Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Inspired by the author’s own family experience. The Brennans have made a sea change, from chilly Hobart to subtropical Murwillumbah. Feeling like foreigners in this land of sun and surf, they’re still adjusting to work, school, and life in a sprawling purple weatherboard, when one morning, tragedy strikes. In the devastating aftermath, the questions fly. What really happened? And who’s to blame?

Infinite Monkey Cage: How To Build A Universe by Professor Brian Cox – Genre: Non-Fiction, Popular Science

From the hosts of the legendary BBC Radio 4 programme comes this irreverent celebration of scientific marvels – a hectic leap through the grand and bizarre ideas conjured up by human imagination, from dark matter to consciousness via neutrinos and earthworms.

Hit Refresh by Satya Nadella – Genre: Non-Fiction, Business & Management 

Microsoft’s CEO tells the inside story of the company’s continuing transformation, while tracing his own journey from a childhood in India to leading some of the most significant changes of the digital era and offering his vision for the coming wave of intelligent technologies.

Which new genre have you recently fallen for?

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"Read A New Book Month"

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