Pairings: Books and Coffee

Coffee and books are a classic pairing – they go together like peanut butter and chocolate, pasta and wine and mustard and pickles. Is there anything better than cracking the spine a brand new read while hugging a hot mug of something caffeinated to your chest? No matter what your regular beverage order may be, we’ve got a book recommendation for you – read on to find your perfect pair.



How Hard Can It Be? by Allison Pearson

How Hard Can It Be?MochaSomething sweet and decadent will perfectly complement this delightfully witty and big-hearted novel.

Kate Reddy is counting down the days until she is fifty, but not in a good way. Fifty, in Kate’s mind, equals invisibility. And with hormones that have her in shackles, teenage children who need her there but won’t talk to her and ailing parents who aren’t coping, Kate is in the middle of a sandwich that she isn’t even allowed to eat because of the calories.


Long Black

Sixty Seconds by Jesse Blackadder

Sixty SecondsLong BlackYou will want to spend more than sixty seconds at a time with this powerful, heart-breaking novel based on the author’s own family experiences.

The Brennans – parents, Finn and Bridget, and their sons, Jarrah and Toby – have made a sea change, from chilly Hobart to subtropical Murwillumbah. Feeling like foreigners in this land of sun and surf, they’re still adjusting to work, school, and life in a sprawling purple weatherboard, when one morning, tragedy strikes.

Sixty Seconds is a haunting, redemptive story about forgiveness and hope.


You Be Mother by Meg Mason

You Be MotherCappuccino

This is the perfect book to escape with, whether you’re jetting off to an island paradise or just to your local cafe for a few luxurious hours of isolation. You’ll be hooked on these lovable characters by the time you’re licking the cappuccino froth off your spoon.

Imagine the warmth of Monica McInerney, the excruciating awkwardness of Offspring and the wit of Liane Moriarty, all rolled into one delightful, warm, funny and totally endearing novel about families – the ones we have, and the ones we want – and the stories we tell ourselves about them.


Cold Brew

Hit Refresh by Satya Nadella

Hit RefreshCold Brew Coffee

We’re imagining you reading this inspiring book from CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, as you sit outside a trendy cafe in the glaring summer sun while you sip on a chilled glass of cold brew.

Microsoft’s CEO tells the inside story of the company’s continuing transformation, while tracing his own journey from a childhood in India to leading some of the most significant changes of the digital era and offering his vision for the coming wave of intelligent technologies.

‘Ideas excite me,’ Nadella explains. ‘Empathy grounds and centres me.’ A series of recommendations presented as algorithms, Hit Refresh is an astute contemplation of what lies ahead from a conscientious, deliberative leader searching for improvement – for himself, for a storied company, and for society.

Flat White

The Tiger’s Prey by Wilbur Smith

The Tiger's PreyFlat White

We recommend ordering your regular flat white to go, then heading to your local park to sit in the sun an read Wilbur Smith’s latest Courtney installment at your leisure.

Set at the dawn of the eighteenth century and reviving Tom Courtney, hero of Wilbur Smith’s bestsellers Monsoon (1999) and Blue Horizon (2003), this new novel packs action, romance, and exotic settings into a rousing historical adventure.

Francis Courtney flees the comfort of his Devonshire estate when his stepfather’s gambling debts leave him penniless and in grave danger. He voyages to South Africa with revenge and fortune on his mind: his uncle Tom Courtney killed his father, and he plans on repaying the debt and making his fortune in the process. However, upon his arrival in Cape Town, he uncovers a truth that leaves him overwhelmed and disoriented.



Detours by Tim Rogers

DetoursPiccoloYou’ve probably already had three coffees today so you’d better order yourself a piccolo. Take a seat and enjoy this charming, honest, funny, sad, tender and beautiful literary memoir from You Am I front man, Tim Rogers.

Tim has always been a complicated man: a hard-drinking musician with the soul of a poet; a flamboyant flâneur; a raconteur, a romantic and a raffish ne’er-do-well. In this offbeat, endearing memoir, Tim walks us through years jam-packed with love, shame, joy, enthusiasms, regrets, fights, family – and music, always music.

A work of real grace and tenderness, Detours is often impossibly sad and beautiful – but also full of wit, wordplay and punching jolts of larrikin energy to make you laugh out loud.




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"Pairings: Books and Coffee"

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