Month: November 2017

Want to be a unique and effective leader?

“Why do I exist?” “Why does our institution exist?” “What is the role of a multinational corporation in our world? “What is the role of a leader in digital technology, especially as the world turns to tech as such a crucial input to drive growth?” These questions haunt me, and they motivated me to write Hit Refresh. Finding answers set me on an intellectual and introspective journey to discover what I uniquely can contribute to society and how to rediscover the soul of Microsoft, to define our role as a global company. They guide me daily in the pursuit to bring empathy together with big ideas in order to make a real difference. READ MORE

7 books to read if you’re obsessed with Stranger Things

So you've burned your way through the second season of Stranger Things and need something new and horrifyingly gripping to take your mind off the anticipation of that ending. Or the fact you've got at least another year to wait to experience the Upside Down again. Or maybe you're just a bonafide horror fan that wants to sink your teeth into something that will make you question if you really need to turn the light off tonight? Afterall, what's more terrifying than your imagination? We have 7 terrifying tales to tempt you... READ MORE

December New Releases

A book-a-holic's winter dream is to spread out a picnic run under the summer sun with a good read and naturally let that vitamin D soak right up. And December is the prime opportunity to make that dream a reality! We have a wide array of new titles hitting the shelves this month; whether it's Australian literary fiction that speaks to your soul or tantalising, plot twisting crime that gets your heart racing, we have something for everyone.    READ MORE

How do these broken bowls tell a story of unimaginable human suffering?

November 23, 2017 Activity 0 Comments

Although these appear to be old, broken ceramic bowls, not dissimilar to the broken china you keep at the back of a drawer and one day hope to piece back together, these bowls tell the tale of an extraordinary and heartbreaking moment in history. When Lars Tharp of Antiques Roadshow came across these oriental nesting bowls, he was intrigued that they had seemingly been glued together! READ MORE

Betoota’s Australia: A note from the Mayor’s desk

A Note From the Mayor's Desk
November 21, 2017 ABC Books 0 Comments

Leaving Betoota for the first time is daunting. It’s perfectly OK to feel nervous and concerned about the unknown. But you must do it. It’s a rite-of-passage. Some have compared it to the Amish tradition of ‘Rumspringa’ – whereby the elders of the community give a ‘free pass’ to their youth to experience what life is like outside their society. They need not return if they don’t want to. As an elder of the wider Betoota community, I extend the same offer to you. The time has come. READ MORE

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