A Day In The Life of Katrina Nannestad


Katrina Nannestad with dog

Katrina Nannestad is the award-winning Australian author of The Girl Who Brought Mischief,  Olive of GrovesBungaloo Creek and Red Dirt Diaries. Her newest book is The Girl, The Dog and The Writer in Rome, which is on sale now

We asked Katrina to show us what her average day looks like – and to give us some insight into where her beautiful ideas come from!


I’m a full-time writer. Or, perhaps, I should say that I’m a part-time writer and a big time daydreamer.

My days start quietly because I’m not a morning person. I eat breakfast and read and gaze at my beautiful garden. I don’t like to shock my brain with too much action first thing in the morning.  I might scare all the good ideas away!

Coffee sipping and garden-gazing invariably lead to daydreaming. Sometimes my thoughts slide gently into the world of the book I’m writing. Sometimes my characters barge into my morning routine, laughing, shouting, eating gelato, falling in love and begging me to come frolicking with them once more. Either way, the daydreaming leads to writing.

Rose bushes Trees in bloom

Some days, I feel like I’m running along behind my characters, recording their antics with little say in how the story runs. Those chasing-and-reporting moments are my favourite as a writer. It’s hilarious and energising and totally magical.

The writing doesn’t always come so easily, though. Sometimes, writing feels climbing Mount Everest and every word is like an exhausted, oxygen-starved step towards the seemingly unattainable summit.

But, easy or hard, I write on. Every weekday. For five or six hours. Until the book is done.

And Olive is always at my side. She’s the laziest dog I have ever met which makes her a perfect writer’s companion.

Olive the dog, sleeping


Computer on desk


This is my work space. I can daydream anywhere but I always write here. My desk is usually covered in notes and pictures – several layers deep. I also plaster notes all over the corkboard, around the edge of my computer screen, all over my husband’s desk and, sometimes, on the floor.


Things look quite tidy here because I’ve just finished the first draft of my next book, The Girl, the Dog and the Writer in Provence. Usually it looks like a farmyard in the aftermath of a band of marauding goats.







When I need a break from writing I have lunch and read a book, preferably outdoors in my beautiful garden…








or I stroll down to the post office (or the bakery, if I’m being honest!)…
















or I go for a walk with Olive.
















And then it’s back to work.


Walking is especially helpful when I hit a plot blob. (That’s a new literary term. You heard it first here!) I walk and think and muddle over the problems and sometimes talk out loud as I pretend to be my characters. Luckily, most of my walks take me along deserted country lanes!

I’m moving soon. The views from my new study and the hill at the top of my property are beautiful. I suspect that the gazing and daydreaming and walking parts of my working day are about to grow longer.


This is me in my future study (above) and on that lovely hill (below) with my husband. This place is made for daydreaming and creating.



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"A Day In The Life of Katrina Nannestad"

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