Day in the Life with Katrina Lawrence

We caught up with author and beauty editor, Katrina Lawrence to find out what a typical day as the author of Paris Dreaming is like. We love that even though she has to get the mundane stuff like getting her kids ready for school and walking the dog, Katrina makes her world as beautiful as possible and takes pleasure in each and every moment.


I wish I could report that I roll out of bed, into a floral silk robe, and delve right into researching and writing, a big cup of steaming chai on the desk beside me. But I have two young boys, so I can’t escape into my other world until I get such mundanities as lunch boxes and school runs out of the way. If the morning has been particularly frantic, I stop at Gertrude & Alice café/bookstore on the way back from school, to reset my state of mind, and sit among all the books, inhaling a pot of tea as much as the musty aroma of vintage novels, hoping for an infusion of creative stimulation.

If I feel the need for further inspiration for the day, I also stop at Maggie May Flowers, to buy some blooms for my desk. Some would call this procrastination.



The Workday

I’ve been a beauty journalist for 20 years so my study is filled with lots of bottles of fragrance and nail polish (and, uh, anti-wrinkle lotion). I have a fairly practical, modern, ergonomic desk on one side of my study, and on the other an antique, perfume-laden one; I move back and forth depending on my frame of mind, and seriousness of deadline.

For the past two-plus years I’ve been working on my Paris book, so I took myself off the beauty circuit (and the lipstick launches and perfume parties) and became somewhat of a nerd, packing away my magazine collection and filling my shelves with the piles of books I bought for research. I often find myself rearranging these books (sometimes into colour schemes, sometimes into sub-genres; again, procrastination), or just lovingly staring at them — the fact that I have read all of these never fails to make me feel smarter!




My dog Daisy sits by my desk, looking at me all day long with pleading, please-take-me-for-a-walk eyes, so I try to get out for at least twenty minutes, and stroll down to Bondi Beach. This is another favourite form of procrastination, although I prefer to call it exercise.

Right about 4pm, I realise that my day’s almost over. I might make a tea and treat myself to something sweet to energise myself for another bout of reading; I usually go for something à la française and call it method research.




However, if I’ve managed to cross off everything on my day’s to-do list, I take myself down to my local café, The Shop, to sneak in a glass of rosé (and perhaps a slice of cheese or ten). If I also take along a book that has something to do with France, I can again label it method research.

I pick my boys up from school aftercare by 6pm, so that’s pretty much my day done, because I know that nobody wants to hear about my efforts to wrangle broccoli into two small mouths …










Words: Katrina Lawrence, author of Paris Dreaming

Katrina Lawrence

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