Great Outdoors Reading Guide

We’ve put together two lists of books to get you outside, moving and seeing things this summer in our Great Outdoors Reading Guide.

Have you caught the travel bug? Browse through our list for exotic inspirations to add to your bucket list, inspiring memoirs and even a guide on how to pack more efficiently.

Or maybe you’re after things to try from the comfort of your backyard? Scroll down to our backyard list to learn how to have a ripper of a BBQ, get a greener garden and a few alternative hobbies that may pique your interest.


Amazing Places: The World’s Ultimate Travel Destinations by Sunday Times Travel Magazine

From mythic mountain peaks to paradise private islands, the editors of The Sunday Times Travel Magazine have selected their 200 most amazing places on the planet. Along with the inside-track info that will get you there too.

Safari: A Memoir of a Worldwide Travel Pioneer by Geoffrey Kent

In his gripping memoir, this “Indiana Jones-meets-James Bond” entrepreneur recounts his phenomenal journey. Kent’s life reads like a work of fiction: growing up barefoot in the African bush, riding his motorcycle across the continent, and ultimately becoming the most sought-after travel professional in the world. Safari is a breathtaking and exhilarating trip to some of the most exotic and stunning locations on earth.

The Backpacker’s Bible: Your Essential Guide to Round the World Travel by Suzanne King

The Backpacker’s Bible: the result of extensive research and first-hand experience. It’s crammed full of advice for the first time traveler – from planning the journey to packing your bags, from organising money to keeping in touch with home.

How to Pack: Travel Smart for Any Trip by Hitha Palepu

Hitha’s tips are for today’s modern traveler who doesn’t want to sacrifice style for space, but who still wants to fit a 2-week vacation wardrobe into a carry-on bag. Here’s how to select the right luggage, when to fold vs. roll clothing, and trip-specific packing lists.

From Your Backyard

Backyard Bounty by Organic Gardener Magazine

This book has all you need to know to grow your own healthy and sustainable produce: from getting started, preparing your patch and making compost, to an A-Z of popular vegetables with a month-by-month planting and growing guide, as well as natural ways to combat pests and diseases.

The BBQ Cookbook

This handy tome will give you the inside edge on the latest in grilling trends and techniques, including American-style ‘low and slow’ barbecuing. You’ll be dishing up unique and tasty recipes for every occasion, whether it’s a relaxed afternoon get-together, an evening dinner party or the complete festive-season extravaganza.

The Beekeeper’s Bible: Bees, Honey, Recipes and Other Home Uses

This ultimate guide covers all the practical essentials and will teach you everything about caring for bees and safe hive management, with clear instructions and step-by-step illustrations. This guide advises on all aspects of chicken keeping, from advice on the full range of breeds available, choosing and buying the right chickens for you, to feeding and naming them and finally housing and caring for them.

Henkeeping: Inspiration and Practical Advice by Jane Eastoe

Chickens are back in style with a vengeance: poultry breeders are struggling to cope with the increase in demand and gardens resound to the contented cluck of chickens.

Tell us in the comments below how you want to get outside this summer!



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"Great Outdoors Reading Guide"

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