Month: January 2018

February New Releases

January 31, 2018 Recommendations 1 Comment

Typically, February is a month of romance. But, as book lovers we're romancing books from all genres this month. We have books about loving yourself and your family. Books for those that adore scandal and those that are infatuated with fantasy.  Stories that will have you going mad over adventure. Or even to have you clutching your heart in heartbreak. Fall in love with one of our new releases this month. READ MORE

I can’t believe it’s not chocolate!

Balance Guy Turland
January 17, 2018 Recipes 0 Comments

Balance means not missing out on the good stuff and not feeling guilty when dessert time rolls around. We believe if you're vibeing chocolate cake, then get your cake on. It's that type of mentality that immediately had my attention flicking through the desserts chapter of Balance. On a gluten-free and dairy-free diet, I found the craving for something sweet (namely chocolate) overwhelming. Cutting out a favourite treat completely from my diet was definitely a rude shock so I was desperate to find an alternative (first world problems, I know). I came across the recipe for Rum Lavender Chocolate Brownies as a vegan alternative to the traditional gooey goodness and was eager to give it a go. READ MORE

How to Read More Books This Year

January 16, 2018 How to 0 Comments

Like any goal setting exercises, setting a goal of reading more books (and achieving that goal) is all about good time management - and a few handy tips which we'll share with you below. It doesn't matter if you work three jobs, have a family or you're training for a marathon - these tips will help even the busiest person to read more. READ MORE

You’ll be marking this international holiday in your calendar every year…

January 16, 2018 Recommendations 0 Comments

The 19th of January is International Popcorn Day! A day we’re more than happy to hop aboard. What better way to celebrate than with the age-old tradition of a movie night. But how often is it you walk out of a cinema comparing the film to the book?  We know, the book is always better. So don’t compromise! Opt for the bookish alternative of a movie night. Pick up a copy of one of these five bestselling film tie in’s and grab a bucket of that delicious salty and buttery snack we know you’re already salivating over. READ MORE

Quiz: Find your Perfect Summer Read!

January 15, 2018 ActivityQuiz 8 Comments

Take our summer reading quiz to find your next, page-turning read! Whether you're after an action-packed mystery, an inspirational memoir or a quirky literary gem, we've got the perfect summer read for you! Just press the 'start' button and answer 6 quick and simple questions for some summer reading inspiration.  READ MORE

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