How to Read More Books This Year

Like any goal setting exercises, setting a goal of reading more books (and achieving that goal) is all about good time management – and a few handy tips which we’ll share with you below. It doesn’t matter if you work three jobs, have a family or you’re training for a marathon – these tips will help even the busiest person to read more.

1. Carry your book everywhere

There are so many moments in our everyday lives in which we’re idle; waiting for buses or meetings or in the doctor’s waiting room – it makes sense to fill that time with something productive like reading a book. This doesn’t just mean carrying your physical paperback in your bag at all times, it could mean making it easier for yourself by getting your phone and other devices set up with all your digital reading apps – install and sync Kindle, Kobo or iBooks, Audible, Goodreads etc. so that you always have something good to read to hand.

2. Track your progress on Goodreads

If you haven’t heard of Goodreads (where have you been?) be prepared to meet the best friend a book-lover ever had. Goodreads allows you to track and plan your reading by adding books to your ‘read’, ‘want to read’ or ‘reading’ shelves, setting yearly reading goals, join books groups and plenty of other genius reading activities and inspiration. You can also review and rate the books you’ve read and use other people’s reviews to help you decide what to read next.

3. Set small reading goals everyday

This one is insanely simple but surprisingly effective. Set daily goals by adding little removable sticky tabs to the page you want to get to and work towards it throughout the day. It’s a nice visual reminder and motivates you and breaks your ultimate goal of finishing the book into manageable steps.

4. Use the library

If you struggle with paying full price for books you’re not sure you’ll even like, we can’t recommend getting down to your local library more! There’s a misconception that libraries are full of old and dusty books. They are, in fact, updated regularly with new releases, award-winners and most libraries allow you to borrow in digital and audio formats. Not only that, librarians are most likely book-lovers just like you! Make sure you utilize their expertise and ask them for recommendations or help in finding something.

5. Join a book club or start your own

There’s nothing like a deadline to get your reading back on track and there’s really nothing more enjoyable than discussing something you’ve just read with a group of interesting people over some cheese and wine. When you’re part of a book club, you’re likely to be exposed to more genres and authors as everyone’s tastes are unique and there will be plenty to discover together.

6. First thing in the morning, last thing at night…

Commit to reading first thing in the morning and last thing at night. You can set limits that work for you – 10 pages, 20 minutes or 1 chapter – whatever fits into your routine. Chipping away at your reading goals everyday will help you to ultimately read more books rather than waiting for the perfect time to read.

7. Take public transport

This one seems quite obvious, but choosing public transport over driving can really increase the amount of reading you can get done. Rather than the stress of battling through traffic, you’re able to sit back, relax and dive back into your current read. If you really have to drive to get where you’re going, make sure you’re utilizing that time by listening to an audio book!

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"How to Read More Books This Year"

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