I can’t believe it’s not chocolate!

Balance means not missing out on the good stuff and not feeling guilty when dessert time rolls around. We believe if you’re vibeing chocolate cake, then get your cake on.

It’s that type of mentality that immediately had my attention flicking through the desserts chapter of Balance. On a gluten-free and dairy-free diet, I found the craving for something sweet (namely chocolate) overwhelming. Cutting out a favourite treat completely from my diet was definitely a rude shock so I was desperate to find an alternative (first world problems, I know). I came across the recipe for Rum Lavender Chocolate Brownies as a vegan alternative to the traditional gooey goodness and was eager to give it a go.

The recipe was super easy to follow and really simple, basically requiring two steps: blending the ingredients together in the food processor for the brownie base, and heating the coconut oil in a pan to mix with cacao powder and maple syrup for the topping. Instead of baking, the base is refrigerated – it’s basically a no fuss process.

Almost there after a wizz through the food processor

Although the ingredients list was pricey, the recipe did make a substantial slab that lasted me (and our digital department, much to everyone’s delight) the whole working week. The best part… it has that real chocolate brownie taste (for adults, hence the rum).

The final result! Look at that chocolatey goodness. 

This isn’t a vegan cookbook – this was a recipe I stumbled upon that just met my requirements. Flicking through the book, it’s filled with nutritious, filling and fresh recipes for all meals of the day: from breakfast to dinner, sides to sauces and everything in between.

Grab a copy of the delicious recipe here

Balance: The Australian Wholefood Cookbook by Guy Turland & Mark Alston is available now

Find the right balance in your life: over 150 delicious wholefood recipes for maximum health, wellness, energy and vitality, from YouTube cooking sensation, Guy Turland. One for fans of Jessica Sepel, Lola Berry, Sarah Wilson and Pete Evans.

If Jamie Oliver was fifteen years younger and had grown up in Australia, surfing, diving and cooking by the beach, you’d have Guy Turland from Bondi Harvest. Guy is a chef, surfer, health fanatic, free-diver and an Australian YouTube cooking sensation. He runs the Depot café in Bondi Beach and the Bondi Harvest cafe on Santa Monica Beach (yes, Gwynneth Paltrow is a fan) and his new Bondi Harvest cookbook, Balance, is all about eating for energy, vitality, wellness and wellbeing, with over 150 simple and simply delicious recipes. This is wholefood food that’s not only good for you, but is delicious, seasonal, vibrant, and full of zingily fresh flavours, designed to be eaten and enjoyed by friends and family.

This is a guest post by our digital team member, Andy. All opinions expressed are solely the author’s own. 

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"I can’t believe it’s not chocolate!"

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