The only advice parents of Year 12 students should read

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The final year of secondary school is tough for all involved. Teachers must ensure that their students are prepared for the end of year exams; Year 12 students must balance their study, work and social commitments; parents must prepare for a new chapter in their child’s life.

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be a stressful time. Hundreds of thousands of students, teachers and parents have done it all before. Alexandra Smith, the Education Editor of the Sydney Morning Herald, has compiled these experiences in her outstanding new book of advice, If You Want to Blitz Your Year 12 Exams Read This Book.

The book covers all facets of student and parent anxiety around Year 12, from subject selection and mindfulness, to plagiarism and failure. It truly is the most valuable resource for any Year 12 student.

Read an extract below, addressed to concerned parents. If you’d like to read more of the book, click here.

“Dear parents…
Just like Year 12 is an important milestone for your teenager – marking the end of their formal schooling and the springboard into adulthood – the final exams are momentous for parents, too. After 13 or so years, which have probably passed in the blink of an eye, you have made it to the end. You may have more children to follow, or perhaps you have been through this already with older kids, but getting each one through high school is an achievement.


But, remember that studying for and taking the exams are your children’s achievements. For now, your role is to step back, support from the sidelines and help them reach the final hurdle.
There is often huge pressure on teenagers in the last years of school. They may bring it on themselves, but they also feel it from parents and teachers. They fear failure and worry about job prospects if they don’t achieve a good result.


The worst thing you can do is nag endlessly. It will do no good.


Instead, stay calm, be patient, help when asked and stay away when told. Don’t force them to quit cricket or give up drama. Encourage them to see their friends and don’t try to control their social life.


Just like the advice in the baby books you probably read many years ago, this is yet another stage that will pass all too quickly.”



What Year 12 students want their parents to know

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"The only advice parents of Year 12 students should read"

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