Love letters to books that stay with you

We’re loved up with books this Valentine’s season. To express our adoration our team has written to our favourite books. We’d love to read your love letters to your favourite books in the comments below!

Funny Kid Stand Up cover, Matt Stanton

Dear Funny Kid,
It was a Winter afternoon, and the house was unusually quiet. And then I saw my six year old reading you, completely engrossed (and laughing). It was the first time he had decided to read to himself. You got him started.
With love and thanks,




Dear Eleanor Oliphant,
It’s unusual for me to read a book that makes me genuinely laugh out loud and then tear up not long afterwards. In fact, some people have even called me an ice queen – to my face! Can you believe it? Somehow you managed to make me do both these things. Thank you for showing me that I do have feelings, and for making my summer holiday even more excellent.
Best wishes,




Dear Meg Mason,
You Be Mother – a phrase that will always take me back to a kitchen table in North Sydney, sipping tea with Phil and Abi. My new friends, who at first glance may have seemed an unlikely pair, were welcome company. Exploring motherhood and the complex relationships within their families was a delight, through both the laughs and the tears. As cosy as a favourite jumper yet ultimately thought provoking, this novel has a snug place in my heart.
Much love,




To my darling The Girl with a Pearl Earring,
Your simple, evocative prose swept me up in joy completely and immediately. When seeing my first Vermeer painting in person, I could feel the memory of your words transporting me back to 17th century Holland, just standing in the gallery.
With love,





Dear Paddington Bear,
I fell in love with the Paddington books as a kid. I loved bears so I thought the Browns were the luckiest family in the world getting to live with the most hilarious and loveable bear. I had so much fun reading about his adventures and they still make me laugh as an adult!
Love from,




Dear Every Lie I’ve Ever Told,
I thought about you at my desk at work, eager for the day to be over to see you again. You were the escapism I needed when the AC broke on my hour-long commute. Because of you, people chose not to sit next to the crazy girl crying-laughing on the train – a gift I’ll forever treasure.




Dear Worlds of You,
For a moment I
am distracted from my work
by your colour
and beauty
and texture;
your shadows and light
and array of roses
and spray of violets
and promise of lushness
and life. I open your pages and
plunge in.
For a moment I am lost in Worlds of You.

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"Love letters to books that stay with you"

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