Bianca Slade: The young Aussie mum making desserts healthier than ever


Wholefood Simply is an online community built by Bianca Slade, who desired a cleaner, healthy ‘whole food’ approach to desserts for her family.

The recipes she creates – like this Not Quite A Snickers Slice – are always simple, healthy and fun! Her new book features all-new wholefood recipes, from slices to ice cream; mug cakes to biscuits. Wholefood Simply: Natural Indulgence is the ultimate guide to healthy snacks and delectable (but not guilty) desserts.


For those who don’t know anything about you or Wholefood Simply, introduce yourself.

I am a Mum of three precious little people, and am a girl who is passionate about living my best life and inspiring others to do the same. I am all about embracing the things that make you shine, nourishing your body and mind and keeping everything simple.

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My philosophy carries over to the food I create and the recipes I share. They are fun, they are to be enjoyed, but they are also nourishing and always simple.

What is the ‘wholefood’ concept about? What started your journey towards this type of food?

The wholefood concept is all about going back to basics. Going back to real food and ditching the numbers, the unrecognisable ingredients and making the most of the divine offerings that nature provides.

I started this journey because I was seeing so many little people consuming copious amounts of processed foods that were high in sugar, colours and preservatives. I wanted to offer another way that was still quick, easy and readily available to anyone.


The Wholefood Simply audience is massive. How did it develop & what’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from this community?

The Wholefood Simply community is an amazing group and one I am thrilled to be a part of. I am proud to say that Wholefood Simply grew organically, by word of mouth, by people sharing, by others loving the foods we love.

The most valuable lesson I have learnt – and I hope others who are a part of the community have also learnt – is that things don’t need to be black and white. So often in the wholefood world we are told to not eat this and to make sure we eat that. I believe that if you are making wholefood choices the majority of the time then that is worth celebrating, I also believe that if you enjoy a piece of regular cake from time to time and it causes you no ill effects then that too should be celebrated.

What do you hope people will take away from your newest book, Wholefood Simply: Natural Indulgence?

I hope people take away over 100 recipes from which they couldn’t possibly pick a favourite. I hope they love the simplicity and deliciousness every bit as much as I do. I hope they are excited by every recipe they create and I hope it ignites excitement for all things wholefood.


Do you have any advice for those who find the wholefood lifestyle (or even cooking in general) difficult?

Don’t over complicate it. Start small. Start slow.

Pick one recipe you love the look of. One with few ingredients and little time involved. Perhaps one that doesn’t require any cooking at all and that you can whip up in 10 minutes with a handful of basic ingredients. Whip that recipe up. Then sit back, enjoy it and celebrate your success!


The confidence and the love will surely follow. There is no need to jump right in and change everything all at once. There is no need to feel deprived or frustrated. Take your time and enjoy the journey.


Snickers slice Wholefood Simply recipe

What are your favourite recipes? 

Oh we have so many favourites in Natural Indulgence. The ones that I devoured in record time would be the Lemon and Macadamia Ice Cream, Silky Smooth Chocolate Tart, Choc Topped Fruit and Nut Fudge and Choc Chip Hazelnut Bars.

And your kids’ favourite recipes?

The kids couldn’t get enough of the Butterscotch Slice, Mud Cake Mixture Bliss Balls, No Bake Chocolate Cake and Crunchy Nut Choc Caramel Slice.

I would also like to give an honourable mention to both of the Carrot Cakes, the Snickers Mousse Cake, the Lemon Tart and the Date and Walnut Chocolates.

How have you managed the transformation from blogger to successful author?

I think this process is evolving and it is an exciting journey to be on. I manage it by staying true to my core values, to the reasons I started and to what matters to my audience.


What’s the best bit of feedback you’ve received from a reader?

The most common feedback I receive is from people who are transiting to wholefoods and are relieved to find that the recipes really are simple and really are delicious. I receive messages along these lines on a weekly basis and every time I glow because this is why I started and this is what Wholefood Simply is all about.


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"Bianca Slade: The young Aussie mum making desserts healthier than ever"3 thoughts on
  • Jennifer O’Connor says:

    What an amazing talent you are! I congratulate you.

    Warmest regards


  • June Harrop says:

    Wow Bianca. You have done it again. A wonderful book of delicious treats. Thanks.

  • Elizabeth Keenan says:

    I have just taken delivery of all your books today and have spent the afternoon looking through them all.
    I have a sister who is no meat, wheat or dairy having been given just 3 months the first time she had cancer in the breast,bones, liver and neck and again a few years later. WE changed her diet and we won the battle and celebrate every day of her life.
    I have a husband with diabetes and a friend who often eats with us is has Coeliac.
    It is a challenge at times and today you amazing dedication to publish so many wonderful recipes is about tomato my life a little easier and more creative.
    We already eat all foods “organic” soother will be no issues adapting your recipes..
    You are a “wonder mum” who makes time to create for other.
    “Congratulations” it can be trying at times multi skilling.

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