Inspiring books to help you save the planet

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Plastic-free July has been plastered across social media recently. It’s the latest aspect of a worldwide push for more sustainable, thoughtful living.

Not every lifestyle change has to be seismic. It’s possible to make small swaps and compromises to help make your modern life much more planet-friendly.

Some changes which can be incorporated into your everyday lifestyle include:

  • Using reusable coffee cup or water bottle. Keep Cups and stainless steel water bottles only need to be purchased once. The swap to reusable items like these can do a world of good, and will eventually teach you to remember to bring them along!
  • Reusable bags. The concept isn’t new – remember library bags? They’re durable, can look cute, and they don’t clog up the ocean. All-round positives!
  • Bee wraps. These are a great alternative to using a roll of plastic wrap for refrigerated items.
  • Live-in greenery. As more and more Australians embrace apartment living, the need for indoor greenery is growing. Sophie Thomson, author of Sophie’s Patch (scroll down to read all about it, has some excellent tips about saving the world through gardening.

We’ve put together three curated lists to help readers of all ages make their lives more eco-friendly.

Helpful hints for wannabe Green Thumbs

Backyard Bounty: The Expert Guide to Growing Your Own Organic Vegetables

The Urban Farmer: How to Create a Productive Garden in Any Space

Sophie's Patch: Inspiration And Practical Ideas From The Popular Gardening Australia Presenter

The Contented Bee

Happy Hens

The Contented Chook: Practical Tips and Inspirational Ideas for Keeping Your Hens Happy


To make every day more sustainable…

Taste For Life: Eat Kindly, Tread Lightly, Live Well

Every Woman's Guide To Saving The Planet

Wholefood Simply: Natural Indulgence

Here We Are: Notes For Living On Planet Earth

The Way Mum Does It


For younger readers

Here We Are: Notes For Living On Planet Earth

The Lorax: Special How to Save the Planet Edition [Slipcase Edition]

Whatcha Building?

Plant the Tiny Seed

Leaf Litter

See Inside: Rubbish and Recycling

Recycling Things to Make and Do

The Story of Rubbish


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"Inspiring books to help you save the planet"

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