Books to share with new mums

Mother and child

Mother’s Day is a very special day on the calendar. We’ve selected a few beautiful, uplifting and inspiring stories to help you celebrate the wonder and complexity of motherhood – you might be a new mother yourself, or be helping a friend gain confidence in motherhood, or you might even be a newly minted grandma!

However ‘new motherhood’ applies to you, we hope you find something on this list to guide you or make you smile.

Mummy Cuddle

‘Mummy play?’

It’s getting late, but one little rabbit is wide awake …

The bestselling creators of Daddy Cuddle return with a charming tale of a playful bunny who would rather snuggle than go to bed.

A book to be loved and treasured by children, mothers and families everywhere.



How to be Second Best

Set in an upwardly mobile, ultra-competitive suburb, How to Be Second Best is a funny, biting, heartwarming modern comedy that looks at the roles we play, how we compete, and what happens when we dare to strive for second-best.


This is Marian Keyes meets Allison Pearson, with a dash of Caitlin Moran.




My Sunbeam Baby



My Sunbeam Baby is a gorgeous picture book about how much we love our babies, from Emma Quay, creator of the bestselling and award-winning Rudie Nudie.

See my bouncing baby,
jigging on my knee.
Then snuggling for a story,
just baby, book and me.



Why I Love My Grandma Why I Love My Mummy



These two beautiful books were created by asking real children why they love their mummies and grandmas and combining their words with illustrations of gorgeous baby animals.

The text is amusing and insightful, with reasons why grandmas and mums are loved by their children ranging from ‘because she says funny things’ to ‘because she makes every day special’.


Amateur Hour



With accessibility and wit, Kimberly Harrington captures the emotions around parenthood in artful and earnest ways, highlighting this time in the middle-midlife, the middle years of childhood, and how women are stuck in the middle of so much.

It’s a place of elation, exhaustion, and time whipping past at warp speed. Finally, it’s a quiet space to consider the girl you were, the mother you are, and the woman you are always becoming.



Grandma Wombat


She eats. She sleeps. She scratches.

And like all grandmas, she thinks her grandson is the best-behaved baby ever.

But this baby wombat has other ideas …

Created by author Jackie French and illustrator Bruce Whatley, this delightfully funny book celebrates the love and joy that being a grandma can bring.

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"Books to share with new mums"

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