Month: July 2019

Books to share with new dads

Child reading with dad

Father's Day is a very special day on the calendar. We've selected a few beautiful, uplifting and inspiring stories to help you celebrate the wonder and complexity of fatherhood - you might be a new father yourself, or be helping a friend gain confidence in fatherhood, or you might even be a newly minted grandpa! However 'new fatherhood' applies to you, we hope you find something on this list to guide you or make you smile. READ MORE

Books to share with sporty dads

Man hiking

Dads, grandpas and father figures all over Australia are busy. Which is why, when thinking about the perfect gift, you should consider something that gives them their time back. There's always an opportunity to find a new hobby or indulge a special interest. We've put together some of our favourite picks for sporty dads - who knows, maybe he might discover an entirely new sport this Father's Day? READ MORE