Books to share with new dads

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Father’s Day is a very special day on the calendar. We’ve selected a few beautiful, uplifting and inspiring stories to help you celebrate the wonder and complexity of fatherhood – you might be a new father yourself, or be helping a friend gain confidence in fatherhood, or you might even be a newly minted grandpa!

However ‘new fatherhood’ applies to you, we hope you find something on this list to guide you or make you smile.

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Daddy Cuddle

‘Daddy up?’

It’s early in the morning and one little rabbit is wide awake …

From bestselling author Kate Mayes and award-winning illustrator Sara Acton comes this gorgeous tale of an early riser who just wants to play!

A book to be loved and treasured by children, fathers and families everywhere.



Happy Farter's Day


Father’s Day is once a year, but for these kids, Farter’s Day happens way too often …

In this celebration of farterhood (oops, fatherhood), ten friends swap tales of their dads’ best (and WORST) bottom eruptions.

How bad can these farts really be? Take a deep breath as you’re about to find out!





Why I Love My Daddy Why I Love My Grandpa



These two beautiful books were created by asking real children why they love their dads and grandpas and combining their words with illustrations of gorgeous baby animals.

The text is amusing and insightful, with reasons why grandpas and dads are loved by their children ranging from ‘because he is my best friend’ to ‘because he makes every day special’.



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"Books to share with new dads"

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