Which uplit read is perfect for you?

Find your perfect uplit book

You might have already heard about the trend towards ‘uplit’ in fiction books. You may have already read some uplit and not realised it was part of that category. The Guardian has a brilliant explanation of it: “an appetite for everyday heroism, human connection and love – rather than romance”. It coincides with a world which is in turmoil, so it only makes sense that readers are turning their sensitivities toward stories and characters which champion empathy, understanding, kindness and love.

With so many wonderful uplit picks on the shelf now, we’d love to help you find the one that’s just right for you. Take our quiz below to find your new literary love. Good luck!

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"Which uplit read is perfect for you?"1 thought on

    I love the sound of Saving Missy……my Mum remarried at 70 and cared for her new husband until he passed away 13 years later. We never know what’s around the next vorner….good or bad. She’s now living an exciting independent life about to turn 91.

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