Month: February 2020

The importance of self-worth

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Elizabeth Venzin established The MindShift Foundation in 2013. With a background in corporate leadership, her determined advocacy for better preventative mental health initiatives has led to successful public health campaigns, lobbying of state and federal governments, and now this book. Elizabeth is a frequent guest on ABC Radio and is a tireless campaigner and speaker on the importance of preventative mental health for individuals, families, communities and workplaces. Here, she looks at the role of healthy self-worth in the lives of individuals. Mindshift to a Better Place, by Elizabeth Venzin, is on shelves now. READ MORE

2020 Events: Sophie McNeill

Sophie McNeill looking at camera
February 19, 2020 ABC Books 0 Comments

To celebrate the release of her new book, We Can’t Say We Didn’t Know, acclaimed journalist Sophie McNeill will be at the following events across Australia. Please see below for ticketing options. Sophie will speak about the barriers to political justice despite the fact that we have more information than ever. She will look at examples from across the world to think about how ordinary people can change power relations and support human rights.  READ MORE