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5 Christmas Hacks courtesy of The Mamabake Book

Christmas is but days away and, for mums everywhere, this can be an insanely busy time of year. To boot, it’s the big summer holidays, when families want to be out and about enjoying themselves, which means coming home at the end of a fun-filled day with lots of hungry bellies in tow. Creating an elaborate meal from scratch each evening is the last thing you want to be doing, so we’ve done the thinking for you by planning fabulous home-cooked meals you can make with minimal effort – MamaBake’s big batch recipes! READ MORE

The Perfect Gift For The Perfect Mum!

Every day should be Mother's Day! We've made it easy to find Mum the perfect gift, whether that be a gripping page turner (see The One Who Got Away), breakfast in bed or the ultimate cookbook pack (win one here!). Above all, Mother's Day is about more than finding the perfect gift or saying Happy Mother's day, it's about truly letting her know that she is appreciated and cared for! READ MORE

The Legendary Anzac Biscuit

April 20, 2016 cookbooksRecipes 1 Comment

  Some History... The original Anzac biscuit or 'Army tile' was actually a very hard, thin bread substitute produced for their long shelf life – they were so hard that many soldiers ground them up to eat them like a porridge. READ MORE

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